4 thoughts on “Building Bangers On The Beat Thang: A Basic Beatmaking Tutorial With Kang Boom Bap

  1. Try and focus the products capabilities at users who may want to jump in studio production immediately . It looks like there is a lot of amazing potential here that gets lost with too much fooling around.

    Don;t stat the obvious, bring out little known features that make the unit ahead of what i already out there,

  2. I got word from Beat Kangs that they will have a Beat Thang demo at the
    Guitar Center in Hollywood this summer (they said during summer Namm? that would be July 17-19) so if your are in SoCal you can check one out.
    I’ll get on one of these & post my 2 cents.

  3. Ok enough with the Videos. You trying to sell records or a machine. I don’t need a youtube video on beat making. I need the actual product! The video is cool for the technically inept but I am hardly that! Anyway truthfully it looks like a machine for Soldier Boy and Little Wayne so go ahead and sell them the first Milly Units. If it is hot it will sell itself. Yall buggin drop it stop frontin!

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