Pro XY Turns Your iPhone Into A Wireless MIDI Controller

pro-xy-iphone-music-controllerPro XY (App Store link) is a fully customizable XY style MIDI controller for the iPhone that works over your existing wireless network.


Use Pro XY with your favorite software or hardware synth. Use it to control two parameters at once! Most digital audio workstations and DJ software allow you to map continuous controller messages to any UI.

With Pro XY you can control these parameters from across the room. You can even use gravity to control your controller messages.


  • Four scenes each with configurable MIDI Channel and MIDI message for each axis- swap between settings on the fly
  • Choose from Continuous Controller messages, Pitch Bend or no messages.
  • Select the range of the x or y parameter (choose min and max values).
  • Invert the Axis so that messages are flipped from min-max to max-min.
  • Assign an axis to the accelerometer and use gravity to send MIDI messages! –
  • Hold X, Hold Y and Hold Both axis allows you to freeze one or both values.
  • Swap X with Y messages with the touch of a button. –
  • Single touch mode with fully customizable MIDI parameters.


  • Supports any MIDI application that allows you to map Pitch Bend and Continuous Controller messages.
  • You must have ProRemoteServer installed in order to use this application.
  • You must have a physical MIDI interface connected to your host machine in order to send MIDI to external hardware synths.

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