Hercules DeeJay Trim USB Audio Interface


Musikmesse 2009 update: Hercules has released the DeeJay Trim 4&6, a USB Audio Interface built for advanced DJ’s who already have a DJ control surface but no audio interface.

The DeeJay Trim 4×6 not only provides you with an extra USB hub that prevents compatibility issues on some laptops, but also offers a way to preview, talk over and export your mixes. The DeeJay Trim 4&6 will be available in June 2009 for the suggested retail price $249.99.


The portable digital interface features a 4-channel output: two +4dBu ¼” Jack outputs for PA equipment and four -10dBv RCA outputs for mixing decks and conventional amplifiers. The 4 input / 4 output configurations can be switched to a 2 input / 6 output configuration, enabling users to transfer 2 stereo tracks separately to an external mixing deck, while adding a third stereo track for samples, loops and effects. The 4-channel input has a line level for connecting and mixing with an external MP3/CD player and a phono level for connecting vinyl turntables.

The preamplifiers on 4-channel inputs support high-level sources such as a CD player and turntables and each features a view-meter. The 2 stereo preamplifiers adjust the volume of the 4-channel analogue inputs. Finally, the DeeJay Trim 4&6 features a 3-port high-speed USB hub with power adapter to plug in your DJ controller and external storage devices. Powering the high-speed USB hub’s separately secures the audio output level on all configurations and avoids compatibility issues on some laptops whose USB ports have a too low voltage.

The unit features a steel casing, two handles mounted on the audio interface’s front face for easy handling and four wide-non-slip pads for perfect stability. It also features view-meters with 6 LED’s per channel visible on the front face, which provides control over the audio interface’s volume, whether mixing standing, seated or with CD cases stacked on the unit.

The DeeJay Trim 4&6 is compatible with Windows XP and Vista (32-bit & 64-bit)/WDM and ASIO, as well as Mac OS 10.4 & 10.5.

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  1. can you use time coded vinyl with it ? i saw on the front pannel a switch saying up input and down outputs does this mean you cant do both at the same time ?

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