Daft Punk In 1977


Earlier in the day, we brought you the Jonzun Crew – what Daft Punk would have looked like in 1983.

Little did we know that Torley would dig up a proto-Daft Punk from 6 years earlier!

This is Space, performing Magic Fly in 1977. More Space madness below!


Space were fronted by French musician Didier Marouani, who penned Magic Fly back in 1977. It went on to reach the top spot of many European countries and found itself at No.2 in the UK top 40 in September of that year.

Get beyond the dated video and lack of mastering loudness, and this is Daft Punk 25 years before Daft Punk.

Makes me want to go crate-digging!

Let me know if you can beat Torley’s find with some even earlier electro funkster robots!

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