Apple Garageband FAIL


Apple has added 3 new songs to the Artists section of the GarageBand Lesson Store, Sting’s Message in a Bottle and Fragile and Sarah McLachlan’s Angel, bringing the total number of artist lessons available to 13.

13 songs that they pick?

If this isn’t an underwhelming feature, what is?

Apple should open this up, like the iTunes App store, so that anyone can make content for the platform. People are already making video podcasts by the zillions – turn Garageband into a video podcast store that lets you watch free and commercial educational music podcasts.

Add the ability to download content, too, and artists could show you how to play their music, and then give you a link to download a loops for their song, or a Garageband file with the backing tracks.

If they opened this up, it would blow up like every other open platform is doing these days, don’t you think?

Who would you pay money to have teach you a song, instead of Sting?

8 thoughts on “Apple Garageband FAIL

  1. I'd love to see some jazzers show how they do what they do and explain the underlying harmony.

    And how about some 70's synth god action?

  2. I'd love to see the NIN crew in that white room, sitting there and point to a huge rack of gear and synths and go "first off, you need that"

  3. Yeah, they should as Trent Reznor to do this, I'm sure he'd be down for it, he's a huge Apple fan and already has two iPhone apps in the store.

  4. Great blog. Apple, like every other software manufacturer doesn't consult with anyone before they decide on product enhancements. They depend on the insight of their own staff, most of which we can safely assume do not think like innovatively like the author of this blog. Same can be said for NI's new Maschine software which is severely crippled by its inability to sequence outboard gear. Maybe it's time software and hardware companies start consulting bloggers and other experts before they go launching multi million dollar products that never quite get off the ground..


  5. How about a little ModWheelMood? First, buy a Buchla……..

    Seriously, NIN would be fun. How about Goldfrapp?

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