Minimoog Designer Creates Psychoacoustic Crystal Energy Pyramid

pyradym-crystal-energy-pyramidIf you’re an electrical engineer and a musician, what do you do after working with synth pioneer Dr. Robert Moog to create the Minimoog Voyager, widely viewed to be one of the greatest synths of all time?

If your August Worley, you create the Pyradyma self-contained electrically powered apparatus designed to stimulate and facilitate the human body’s innate self-healing mechanisms.

The Pyradym consists of 4 basic functional systems:

  • a sound frequency generating system
  • a physioacoustic vibration system
  • a corresponding light therapy system, and
  • a crystal energy radiating system.

The Therapist or user controls the pitch and tonal quality of the sound frequencies. The Physioacoustic and Light Therapy elements are situated beneath the Crystal Capstone, and correspond to the sound frequencies by increasing and decreasing in intensity. The panel figure indicates the corresponding colour generated beneath the Crystal Capstone.

The Crystal Particle Fountain is also located beneath the Crystal Capstone and provides a mild radiated ultrasonic stimulus incorporating Reiki healing symbology while the device is in operation.

The target audience for the Pyradym is chiropracters, sound therapists, Reidi practitioners, massage therapists, color therapists and gem stone healers.

7 thoughts on “Minimoog Designer Creates Psychoacoustic Crystal Energy Pyramid

  1. my trippy friend who was an older teen in the 90’s was telling me about stuff like this. a fad of the time where you could buy a sound and light system to help you sleep or to get you relaxed by watching it flash in sequences while you heard noises like the ocean and birds, basically you were supposed to space out to it….this kind of reminds me of that stuff… they were supposed to be super expensive!

  2. Are there any sources for what wavelengths and types of sounds and/or light is supposed to have what effect and how it’s been properly double blind tested for evidence?

  3. I would have hoped an electrical engineer would be too smart to use a phrase like “crystal energy”. I guess I would be disappointed. Maybe this is just a way to take money from new-agers. I guess that would be okay too.

    1. Wow – I didn’t realise that this area of my work was posted to this website until just recently!

      Well Mike, perhaps I am NOT smart enough to not risk my professional credibility but supporting such metaphysical notions as crystal energy, but I am smart enough to know that I don’t know everything. My mentor Bob Moog, was a VERY spiritually aware gentleman whom although not publicly overt about it, had a healthy respect for concepts beyond current understanding. Beyond the piezoelectric effect JM points out, there are indeed many ineffable qualities associated with crystals, least of which is their inherent beauty.

      I want my instruments to resonate aesthetically and be pleasing to the eye for the people that work with them. That’s why I used as many natural external structural materials as possible: the use of natural materials in the enclosure is an important aesthetic consideration that I also attribute to learning from Bob Moog – particularly the use of wood. People connect to natural materials in a special way, and I wanted people to connect with Pyradym in the same way that musicians connect with their instruments – to regard it with reverence and love…I want people to fall in LOVE with it! Humans are naturally drawn to beauty, and Pyradym is a beautiful thing!

      Aesthetics aside, the quartz crystal does actually function in several more practical terms in the design of Pyradym. There is a 300 watt linear amplifier inside the unit that powers the driver that delivers the vibrational component of the generated sound. The quartz capstone also functions as part of the heat sink system to help dissipate internally accumulated thermal energy to the cabinet’s exterior.

      Another property of the capstone is purely visual enhancement in that the inclusions in the quartz help to disperse the light engine output and make the LED light therapy component situated underneath MUCH more attractive. (In an early testing phase, we used a capstone made out of glass, and it looked just dreadful! It was effective thermally, but the colours being emitted through the glass capstone had no “pop” and just kind of “laid there”!)

      Finally, the Piano Black instrument shown never really caught on, and we have been selling a lot of instruments in cherry and maple finishes. You can check them out on facebook:

  4. right. because you are more intelligent and surely know for certain there can be no “energetic” properties of crystals. Even though, the computer you’re using to type with is run and operated by those same “energetic” properties of crystals. They’ve been used to store and retrieve information (and magfify it) scientifically for many years. But it couldn’t possibly exist. Because all crystals and their properties should be condemned to the new agers, those bastards. With their lies and new fangled ideas of such a thing as “energy” – bah! lol… crystal energy. Next thing you’ll be telling me is that when I eat food, my body converts it into this “energy”… what nonsense! (i’m being a bit sarcastic of course) 😉

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