Listen To The Music Of Synthtopia Readers While You Surf!

We’ve added a new feature to the site that should make it easy for you to listen to and download some great electronic music from Synthtopia readers.

Just click the Listen To Music link at the top of the page:


This should open up a new music player window that looks something like this:


Here’s some of the things you can do with the player:

  • Click the play button if you just want to listen to the latest tracks.
  • Select any track from the list and play it.
  • Jump to any point in a track by clicking on the sound wave.
  • Get info on the track
  • Download over 100 free tracks! If the artist has enabled the free music downloads option, the player will show the Download options.
  • Share the track to social networks like Facebook & Twitter, get an embed code or email it.

If you want to add your own electronic music tracks to the mix, check out this post: sharing music with Synthtopia readers.

Let me know how the new feature works for you and if you have any feedback on it!

6 thoughts on “Listen To The Music Of Synthtopia Readers While You Surf!

  1. Doesn't work on Firefox/Vista … pop-up 404 … plus a really annoying message "You seem to be either lost, snooping, or …"

    Snoop you.

  2. TeeJay – It should work now – it was a problem with the link itself (relative vs absolute.)

    Give it another try and let me know if you have an problem with it!

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