6 thoughts on “Vince Clarke And His Yamaha DX7 (1984)

  1. He must be on his way out to the TRASH!

    aL is correct, Vince Clark was in full blown analog 'Fanboy' mode in 84, some speculate that this 'obsession' with the blippy analog sound is what ultimately led Depeche Mode to employ a more 'contemporary' keyboardistsynthesist.

    IMO the Vince Clarke Era of DM is my favorite, as it was much more groundbreaking than the later DM stuff, which ended up sounding like Gothic Ballads…still some genius there, but also kinda lame…

  2. When Alan Wilder was recruted, DM had to wait one more year (1983) before they or better said Alan started to use samplers. Until then there were not many digital synth around.

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