Free Live Pack For Ableton Live 8


If you like Ableton Live 8 and you like freebies, you’ll want to check out extendlive’s free live pack Time Designer:

Time Designer is our debut Live Pack containing 50 advanced multitap delays for Live 8 and a 10-step tutorial for creating and customizing your own delays using only Live’s built-in devices.


  • 50 advanced multitap delays for Live 8
  • Annotations for all presets
  • 10-step tutorial
  • An example Live Set demonstrating some of the presets


  • Live 8 or later
  • 10MB of disk space

Download it here.

If you’re a Live user, check this out and leave a comment with your thoughts!

Update: Here’s an example of Time Designer in action:

Jodrell Bank by tay0

Explains Jodrell Bank:

Rough mix of a track in progress – uses the Time Designer Live pack posted to Synthtopia yesterday. A commenter asked to hear it, so here it is. Other goodies used: Absynth 4, Reason 4, Korg AE-1 mk II, live drums.

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