Industrial / Breakcore Filter For Windows

Noise Soft has released Break Filter, an industrial / breakcore filter effect plug-in for Windows.

They describe it as a custom stereo “all band” filter effect, with noise-based distortion that can take your sound from natural gain to frequency and phase shifted chaos.

Break Filter is available now as a Windows VST for $29.


  • Gain — Lowest setting is pure bypass and highest setting is extreme distortion, almost to the point of white noise. *The filter also works great even when the distortion GAIN knob is set to “0? or bypass.
  • Pitch — Adjusts the affected pitch of the filter from low bassy drones to high pitched ringing.
  • Resonance — Adjusts the resonance of the filter, from minimal effect to drone sound and everything between.
  • Freq — The frequency control for the filter has custom coded extreme frequency shifting, capable of lo-fi filtering in the low knob settings, all the way to harsh industrial/punk effects.
  • Left and Right — These are separate controls for left and right phase shifting. These control panning for the different layers of our complex resonant filter layers.

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