Max For Live Monome Suite Released


Matthew Davidson (Stretta) has announced a suite of seven Max For Live devices that are designed to work together in any combination or number of instances within a maxforlive project

Heres’ how Davidson describes the members of the suite:

  1. obo – my matrix step sequencer. usable on any monome, or even monomeless operation(!)
  2. pitches – this is like polygomé without the step sequencer bits (like fourths/malbahabla for you monome-people). Transforms your monome into a playable surface.
  3. polygomé 64 – I think you know what this is by now. bleep boop bleep.
  4. press cafe – this version is based on press cafe 2.0 that has been redesigned and re-oriented more sensibly to make it playable with any size monome. “HEY! This makes music!” – my wife Nov 29, 2009
  5. spectral display – adapted from tehn’s vu_spec, there is a version for every size monome. Drop it on a track (or more) and watchen das blinkenlites.
  6. step filter – one upon a time I built a step sequencer application and used it to control a doepfer vocoder filter bank. Now the filter bank is built-in. Usable with any size monome, but limited to eight bands.
  7. automatorgator – there are two versions of this plug in for the 256, the audio version is a monome-controlled pattern gate with adjustable volume levels and slew. The MIDI version generates MIDI CC and OSC messages smoothed out at a high resolution for gooey OSC goodness.

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