Bob Moog Signs The Duck – And Seven Other Great Photos Of Bob Moog

Bob Moog Signs The Duck

Without the late, great Bob Moog, synthesizers as we know them probably wouldn’t exist.

And without events like NAMM, great photos, like these, of Bob Moog probably wouldn’t exist, either.

Bob Moog walks by Patrick Moraz, who is pretending to play synthesizer in a field.
Bob Moog, Rick Wakeman and a Bikini Babe
Bob Moog rides Keith Emerson's custom motorcycle
Keith Emerson & Bob Moog agree that it's how you play your instrument that counts.
Bob Moog With Athene eZ at NAMM
Keith Emerson's ribbon controller explodes in a Tarkus eruption.

Moog will always be remembered for creating the synthesizer as we know.

But, as they photos show, he played with Keith Emerson, he caught the eye of beautiful women and he would still sign your duck with a smile.

Images via The Bob Moog Foundation, Sonicbids, AnalogSynthBlog, Keith Emerson, Rock Star Jewels

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