DJing With The Livid Ohm 64 & Ableton Live

Producer/DJ Eliot Lipp discusses and demonstrates how he uses his Livid Instruments OHM 64 MIDI controller to control Ableton Live.

Eliot explains the functionality and layout of his project and controller; as well as his custom effects and tools to add variation and complexity to his music.

After the tutorial there is a section of his live performance from a recent show in Austin, Texas.

3 thoughts on “DJing With The Livid Ohm 64 & Ableton Live

  1. I'd be more interested in his specific Ableton mappings. He's just forwarding through songs? Perhaps he's scrolling down the scenes, with eight tracks per song and one fader per track? It seems like he's got a good system going, but I'd to see the details. How much actual mixing is going on? Or is it static with just alot of fx knob twiddling? Also, how is he incorporating the Launchpad in his live performance?

    Either way it seems to result in a nice show.

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