A Day In The Life Of Alessandro Cortini

This video, via Trash_Audio, offers a video look at a day in the life of Alessandro Cortini.

It’s also a monster slice of synth porn and the best ad for Buchla synths that Don Buchla could hope for.

Looks like Cortini leads a pretty sweet life – except for all those cats, of course.

See the Trash_Audio site, too, for a short interview with Cortini, where he shares his thoughts on songwriting with the Buchla modular and also his rate for cat-sitting.

via thedeepelement:

http://trashaudio.com/?p=3583 Alessandro sent a couple gigs of video and had me make sense of it. We worked on the Sonoio teasers and this is what remained. Follow the link for the interview.

8 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Alessandro Cortini

  1. Haha, what a great video! I love it. I really like how Alessandro is opening up to the world with this album release and everything… Trent has started to do the same over the last few years and so have many other artists, but these guys always seemed so mysterious to me. I'm glad to see them in a different light. Anyways, I want a Buchla. Bad.

  2. That's the first time I've ever heard a modular synthesizer producing a sound I'd actually want… a sound I haven't heard before; that's not just a very complex way of producing a monophonic tone that more modern machines can make in polyphonic stereo… that doesn't amount to some sort of special effect…
    35 seconds in.
    Now I'll watch the rest of the video…

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