Eowave Persephone Mk II

This is a quick demo video of the Eowave Persephone Mk II .

The Persephone Mk II offers analogue oscillators, a duophonic ribbon, 100% compatible with the computer environment with a USB I/O, MIDI I/O and 4 CV out.

“We’re exploring ideas from the past and rethinking them with new technology to create new interfaces for musical expression”, says Marc Sirguy, designer of the Persephone markII.

The ribbon enables to play glissando like on a Theremin, les Ondes Martenots or a Trautonium. The addition of one oscillator takes all its dimension with the new duophonic ribbon which extends the instrument sonorities spectral to play simple chords, but also enables numberless modulations, e.g. FM of one oscillator on the second one.

The Persephone markII has two analogue oscillators with a waveform from triangle to saw, going from 1 Hz to more than 20 000 Hz. An analogue resonant 12dB low-pass filter inspired from the filters from the 70s-80s enables to shape the sound. With its entire analogue audio signal path, the Persephone markII can generate notes with a continuous variable range up to ten octaves to create deep and resonant cello tones on the lowest notes to ultrasonic frequencies on the highest pitches. An optical modulation key will transmit the slightest vibration for expressive modulations.

8 factory routings, 8 users routings: a modular architecture

16 routing presets enable to select different routing architectures between the sound parameters and the 7 controls available (ribbon pressure, ribbon position1 & 2, key, pedals 1 & 2, LFO) for 8 destinations (lo pitch, hi pitch, filter, VCA lo, VCA hi, filter mod1, filter mod2 and VCA). 8 presets are fixed and 8 are editable users presets configurable thru a free software. Users routing presets will be stored in the Persephone2 internal memory. This new section significantly increases the instrument control and modulation possibilities.

Compatibility with computer music environment

The A/D conversion is made with Eowave ESS DSP. This process assures a 12 bits resolution (4096 values) conversion for an accurate musical gesture. It’s 100% MIDI compatible and uses USB full speed 12 Mb/s. This makes the Persephone2 compatible with all MIDI compatible softwares whilst the latency is reduced at less than 1,5ms.

A smart controller

With a complete I/O section featuring 4 CV out, 2 pedals in, MIDI in & out, audio out, USB (MIDI), the Persephone markII can be turned into a powerful and unique controller to control most of your analogue or digital synths.

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