Korg M01 Turns Your Nintendo DS Into A Synthesizer Workstation!

Detune – an application development startup created by the developers of Korg DS-10 – have announced Korg M01, a new music workstation for the Nintendo DS based on the classic Korg M1.

The  Korg M1, released in 1988, sold for over $2,000. Korg M01 is designed to emulate the Korg M1 – at least many of its features and sounds – as a $60 app that runs on a $130 handheld computer.

Can a cheap app for a game platform replace a vintage keyboard synthesizer?

Check out this demo for a taste of what the Korg M01 can do, and leave a comment with your thoughts:

23 thoughts on “Korg M01 Turns Your Nintendo DS Into A Synthesizer Workstation!

  1. This is an AMAZING technical achievement! And being a huge fan of Korg DS10 ( I have 4 as you may have seen 😉 I will probably buy it asap. BUT what I really wanted from this team was a sampler that I could load my own sounds into rather than a rompler ( though a recreation of one of the most widely used in existence! I still have a working 01WFD here) [youtube qc5zuowBLqY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc5zuowBLqY youtube]

  2. Looks great, but I have to agree with Nick on the price quoted. Not $60US but $70US in Japan!, will be $80US in US, $90US in Europe and $100US here in OZ. Recently bought a Microkorg here for $110AUD which is about $100US. The same machine was in this e-mag in the "10 gadgets under 50 bucks" -Keep robbing Australia Korg. (I'll probably still buy it though!, Have 2x DS-10's)
    I also agree with VJ Frank Z, A cross between the DS-10 and Nitrotracker would be great,—someone?
    Anyone with a DS should get "Electroplankton"

  3. I love the DS-10. It's the best music app I've ever seen for a portable device. But I think I'm going to pass on this one and just save up for the Legacy Collection. A portable synthesizer is great because you can just play around and have fun. When I think of a rompler I usually think of it as something you sit down and use as a tool. But then again, maybe I'm just not thinking right.

  4. Also, the 1 touch DS screen worked with the MS-10 which was monophonic. The M1 was polyphonic which might seem awkward on the DS.

  5. Good question.

    I'm more excited about the iPad/iPhone platform. They're finally getting support for MIDI controllers, which should make things interesting real quick.

  6. i have an ipod touch and exept jasuto, there was no app faszinating me like korg ds10 (plus)
    i think the main problem is the lack of stylus support. there are a special styus, but that doesn't work as good. it is nearly impossible to have such a accurate control over the knob on a finger based touchscreen… the big advantage of the ipod app are the modern connectivity with wav export, midi-support and so on…. but i had no fun with the apps and i think ive tried a lot…

  7. Oh and thanks Scorpion, you summed up what I was on about. A second hand Microkorg will cost you about 750AUD here in OZ, which is $670US at the Mo. $650 a week ago!
    Why are we getting ripped off here?
    When our dollar is good I can get gear from Japan or The States for about half price including postage?

  8. Neato but without midi support you're always gonna hear complaints even if it's the greatest thing on earth. It's a nice complement to the DS-10. I'd really like midi export but i understand it's probably not on the developer's mind for such a platform.

  9. Basically a toy w/loops of samples that where popular in the 80’s, 2 measures of turn that crap off and learn how to play a real instrument

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