Dubstep In Ableton Live

This set of videos, via DubSpot, takes a look at dubstep composition in Ableton Live.

Starting with a basic beat, Ableton instructor Steve Nalepa uses the Impulse instrument to make a basic beat and then shows some tips on how to make it more interesting.

Check out parts two and three in the series, below, to watch the track take shape.

Dubstep in Ableton Live Part 2

Dubstep in Ableton Live Part 3

9 thoughts on “Dubstep In Ableton Live

  1. I maybe nitpicking but when someone introduces himself as being a "Ableton Live expert" they'd better back up those words in order for me to be taking them seriously.

    And well; calling both Impulse and the drum rack "drum machines" really doesn't sound very Ableton expert-like to me, quite the contrary. Impulse isn't a "drum machine", its a drum sampler. There are quite a few differences there; just like there are similarities, true. But that changes when using drum racks. Calling this a 'drum machine' is IMO very silly; esp. since a drum rack does nothing but host a collection of other instruments and allows for some specific routing of signals. It doesn't play anything by itself; how could this be a drum machine?

    "The difference between a drum rack and impulse is that you can now load effects on top of it as well". Puhlease…

    But the real issue here is that Live actually has an instrument called "Drum machines". When you're talking about drum machines within the context of Ableton Live you're *not* talking about Impulse nor a drum rack, you're talking about the drum machines; the live pack which is available separately (or in combination with Suite):

    This is the official Ableton Live drum machine.

    Sure, I maybe nitpicking. But the *least* I'd expect from a self proclaimed expert is that he actually manages to keep his facts straight by naming things correctly. The number one problem you experience when trying to help people on the Ableton forums is when they're describing something while using the wrong names for it. That often makes it very hard to understand the real problem and to help out.

    The last we need is a bunch of people asking for help with "Live's drum machines" after which it turns out that they're not referring to the live pack, but a drum rack or maybe Impulse.

    Alas; I wasn't very impressed with this. Very basic stuff, doesn't cover anything which hasn't already been covered dozens of times already.

  2. in all fairness for 15 minutes of video to a production newbie this would be great. im a cubase user converting to live after 15 years. i did not learn anything new myself but i would consider this great if i had no experience of live. thes not using the "live" terminology but for for the length of video id say its quite good.

  3. This is fine for an introduction, but it's annoying how many of these tutorials show bad general practice (things most people learn when they start off in the analog or non-DAW world). Example: please, lower the gain on your tracks and adjust your faders! The master track is clipping and the individual channels are getting too hot. Yes things can sound alright in the beginning, but ignoring these things and not keeping the practice of setting up a proper gain structure will screw you later.

    Now I'm going to go yell at those kids to get off my lawn and complain about how kids these days don't understand what hard work is.

  4. Gosh… I'm a bit confused by the large amount of guys that actually claim to know music so well, being so damn experienced and everything. And yet those self proclamed musical gurus need to watch tutorial that might learn the paddawan I am some nice tricks. More confusing those "pros" don't watch those tutorials to learn something. Nope. They watch tutorials just to show how silly they are, acting like bitchy litlle girls. Damn guys, if you know so many things and are so good just stop writing crappy comments and start making real tracks. Never wondered why guys like Aphex Twins never do such things? Cause they do real things with their brains, so they don't have to convince themselves and others of their self clamed talent and skill in such pathetic ways.The fact is that when you really have talent you don't have time to lose. And obviously here lots of guys have lots of time to lose.

  5. Why are you speaking Lamouettasse? The comments are legit and correct. I'm a musician and an advanced Ableton Live user. Do you care to explain where you got the idea that anyone was claiming to be a "pro"? Can you explain what is so "bitchy little girl" about intelligent critique? Trolls like you are not adding to the content of these websites.

    That being said the videos are just rehashing what you should already know before you even sit down to musically explore the dubstep genre. If you need fundamentals, fine, but don't go bashing people for their respectful opinions.

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