Enter Calico Features ‘Ground-Breaking Electronic Artists’

Manchester electronica label Clear Notice Recordings has announced Enter Calico, a new LP that they describe as “a collection of tracks that ground-breaking electronic artists from around the world.”

Here’s the official description:

From the unusual rhythms of stretta’s Calculus, featuring a technique known as a Risset rhythm (named after Jean-Claude Risset and referencing his work at Bell Labs in the 60’s) to samples of car keys, swishing credit cards and other sounds from the daily grind, manipulated and allowed to “fall away” in Samarah’s eerie composition, Enter Calico will dazzle and delight.

Take a journey through the wonderfully sparse and haunting ambience of cloudchair’s six string soundscapes to the energy of tricil’s “The Emancipation”. Enter Calico offers a peek into the souls of the many artists who will feature on solo releases in the coming months.

Clear Notice Recordings, founded by electronic musician Kieron James, is singular in its mission: to become home to the world’s finest electronic musicians and videographers. The ambition is reflected in the bold approach CNR has taken with its debut. Not content with showcasing twelve truly innovative artists, releasing an album rich with composition and technical brilliance, Enter Calico will be launched initally as an iPad App featuring videos produced by twelve animators and filmmakers to accompany the music. Ryan Mackfall of Crashburn Media is the Production Manager overseeing videography.

The call for submissions for CNR001 was originally published on Twitter and the filmmakers and animators responded to a post to the music videographers’ forum on Vimeo.

The breadth and depth of submissions was jaw-dropping; the pedigree of the artists and their individual discographies speaks to this. Subterminal offers five minutes of lush, beatless splendour. Auditory Canvas combines glitchy goodness with graceful melody whilst our resident Professor of New Technology at the University of Buenos Aires (Futuro Primitivo) mixes post-rock, IDM, nu-jazz and digital hard core with syncopated African rhythms.

Also including exclusive new material from David McSherry (ex Fila Brazillia), Alka, Thomas L. Raukamp, rktic (aka Ronny Pries) and Tapage.

Artists and tracks:

  1. David McSherry – U?+
  2. Samarah – Falling Away
  3. alka – sOMn ambulance
  4. tricil – The Emancipation
  5. stretta – Calculus
  6. cloudchair – Echoes and Whispers (liquid weeld mix)
  7. Auditory Canvas – Sea of Memories and Dreams
  8. Thomas L. Raukamp – Août
  9. Subterminal – For afo…
  10. rktic – nordic walking
  11. Futuro Primitivo – Wake Up!
  12. Tapage – Wounds

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