An Original Synth Solo Brain Explosion

Sunday Synth Jam: We’ve haven’t featured many synth solos that wallowed in excessiveness, recently.

With that in mind, here’s Hamsterdunce’s Hexagon – an original synth keyboard solo brain explosion.

More is actually more.  

About this jam, hamsterdunce says:

Here’s a dandy song that I wrote a while back when I was unemployed & living with my parents. Look how far I’ve come!

Boy oh boy, those pants made my legs sweat. Try walking around in those things for a while. They will turn your thighs into a couple of overcooked pot stickers.

Did you know that they are a size too small for me also? So is the Microkorg.

I like potatoes.

9 thoughts on “An Original Synth Solo Brain Explosion

  1. Ok you got chops. 1983 called and wants the pants back, Hulk Hogan is coming to kick your ass to get his dew rag back, Cyndi Lauper is going to bitch slap you for the wrist bands and finally Jackie Chan is going to karate chop that MicroKorg for mixing rising sun shirt with polka dot tie.

  2. Cold. Chops indeed, technique and all that, but evocative of nothing.

    Gimme Banks, Schulze, Stevie Wonder, George Duke, Jon Lord, Steve Winwood, Benmont Tench, Billy Preston, etc.

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