The Beat Thang – Off The Vaporware List?

Is it time to take The Beat Kangz‘ much-hyped Beat Thang off of the vaporware list?

It just may be – check out these stealth-cam photos of what is apparently one of the first pre-production Beat Thangs to come off the line:

From what I gathered this is part of the first test run from the factory in China, to make sure all the manufacturing processes go according to plan….before giving the “go ahead” on the mass unit production.

According to The Beat Kangz’ site, the Beat Thang will be available ‘this Winter’ – but we’re still looking for a hard ship date.

At about a thousand dollars, the Beat Thang could turn out to be a new player, especially among hip-hop producers.

Check out the demo video, of an early pre-production model, below – and let us know what you think about the Beat Thang!

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14 thoughts on “The Beat Thang – Off The Vaporware List?

  1. If this were released back when the MPC500 first came out or even the SP-404, it might have been successful. At this point, people are too invested in software and other products that perform sampling duties to care about this. Also, the name is atrocious no matter who the target consumer is.

  2. I can imagine it would sell well with certain crowds. but i've moved on from the hardware hierarchy. there's no reason why a Hardware sampler needs to exist with software around. (unless we're talking specialty items such as emulator II)

  3. Looks cool… But if it is anything like the software…. It will suck. The ui is horrible and unintuitive… The cool ideas behind it are balanced off by some sorely missing features… I wish they would lay off the fisher price styling and focus on usability.

  4. Of course, I have a huge hardware fetish, and thus I very much disagree… I would say in fact that I think it important for manufacturers to continue to make hardware versions of their products lest they find themselves willingly relegated to the use of Only people who already have software… I think often times people who are already using this stuff tend to forget how actual hardware units so often serve as gateways for new artists and bridges for more traditional artists into the genre… Hardware is also a far more lasting creation than software which is quickly deleted when obsoleted… hardware however goes on and gets passed from person to person, getting cheaper along the way, to fall into the hands of a new person to be inspired and empowered… forgotten, and rediscovered…

  5. Im sorry but the beat thang is probably one of the best buys i've made and i have been buying equip for about 25 years. The software version is what i purchased and i control the software with my mpc 4000 and sequence the beat thangs sounds on my mpc. It sounds fantastic and the software is only 99 bucks. Ive never bought something so cheap and it sounded so good and i can use it every day. It takes only about 5 minutes to build a decent drum track and then start building on it. I would not buy the hardware version because i have an mpc but the software version is sick. and you can run it on 2 different computers. which i do. then drop the beat into pro tools and sync it up. Beat thang has made my life a hella of a lot easier and ive been doing this for 25 years.

  6. This will fail miserably. I have the software and its full of bugs and feels unfinished and crashes my computer every 5 minutes. The hardware version will have the same OS as the software. All it is, a bunch of preset sounds that you choose to your pads and sequence a beat with them. Thats it. Of course you can morph the sounds to your liking but it thats about as wet you can get. Its a toy at best, and any hardware enthusastist will feel robbed when they reach its limitation and feel much to be desired.

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