5 thoughts on “Creating Whooshing Build Up Noises In Ableton Live

  1. Love it, brilliant material.

    Now, I don't watch too much tutorials myself (usually too busy messing with my own stuff) but its always refreshing to see a real expert at work. Notice how a real expert doesn't start with "I'm …. , Ableton expert". But instead starts in a normal way ?

    And yes, its the little things in the overall. He knows what he's doing, he's also keeping the interest of others in mind too (not talking from experience, but from what has been said in this movie: the results of those competitions are shared on his site as well; because there are many different ways to solve stuff). That's the spirit IMO!

    Very fun to watch.. I didn't learn anything new here myself, but who cares; I had fun to see how he approaches this stuff and that is important too!

  2. We have to applaud COSM for taking LIVE to places many would never go on our own. He certainly is getting his money worth out of the software.

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