Trentemøller Puts On A Face-Melting Live Show

Every electronic musician that’s ever left audiences wondering if they were checking their email needs to watch this video – a live peformance of Trentemøller’s Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!

The spectacular live-video was recorded at the main stage of the Roskilde festival, in Summer 2009. Trentemøller was invited to arrange a special show for the European summer festival.

The show featured Trentemøller DJing and performing with a smoking hot band, including Dorit Chrysler on theremin.

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via SenPromotions:

Anders Trentemøller (Keyboards)
Henrik Vibskov (Drums)
Mikael Simpson (Bass)
Lisbet Fritze (Guitar)
Dorit Chrysler (Theremin)

Creative Producer/Director: Katja Boom Philip
Scenography & Costume: Henrik Vibskov
Visuals: Lasse Andersen (VJ Same Same)
Light Design: Christian Olsson.
Live Sound Production: Mads Nørregaard
Choreography: Helen Dohlmann
Dancers: Benedicte Dreyer, Ea Verdoner Jacobsen, Trine Tuxen, Alexandre Bourdat, Mathias Arvedsen, Mogens Eggemann, Claudia Sorrentino, Esther Lee Wilkinson, Toniah Coco Pedersen, Peter Lynggaard Petersen, Ronni M. Lichtenfels, Natasja Wulff Pedersen, Phillip Benjamin Jenkins, Thomas Møller, Catharina Izzo, Issa Jeppesen, Anna Hendrich, Cianne D. Evely Hende, Mejse Vedel, Stine Rønne, Julie Valentin, Sofie Kanneworff, Jan Strøbech.
Production Manager: Tobias Simonsen.
Set Production Manager: Svend Jacob Pedersen
Set Architect: Allan Lyth
Set Manager Live Stage: Svend Jacob Pedersen, Amdi Brøner, Morten Emil Engel, Emil Krøyer
Production assistant: Sofia Veronica Fischer
Camera crew: Thomas Busk, Kristian Boserup, Karsten Andersen, Jesper Jon, Simon Mouridsen, Christian Sønderby, Henrik Skov, Thomas Jessen.
Production & editing: Thomas Jessen.

10 thoughts on “Trentemøller Puts On A Face-Melting Live Show

  1. Now I'm even more cut he's not coming west at the end of the year. I've been dying to see trentemoller live for ages. Even a dj set would make me happy.

  2. This is more like a big rock concert. There's almost an entire rhythm section involved (or am I just not seeing the rhythm guitar?) and I can't really make out most what Trentemoller himself is supposed to be playing (I hear drums, the bass, the Theremin, and I think I can correlate what he does on the MiniMoog later in the video). A big show with lots of dancers, props, and lighting. I thought we had been delivered from this macho thing by Kraftwerk and all the other wonderful electronic and not so electronic bands (not single artists who just hire a bunch of people to put on a show, mind you) who do a little less acting but achieve more in the process. I don't want to see a drummer with his hands up in the air playing like his only purpose in life were to sound like a chopped up Amen Break, but it's still better than someone who looks like he's checking his mail, I can agree on that.

  3. Guess I have to be the nay sayer here. This is not electronic music. This is crap rock music being made with electronic equipment. This is turgid stadium rock which is the worst form of rock but whatever it doesn't look like his checking his email so if that is the metric for success I think he succeeded.

  4. I actually like this. Have to agree with the other posters that this doesn't seem to be much about electronic music (and quite frankly I don't understand how or where the DJ'ing part fits in here) but nevertheless I really like their performance. And I do agree with the others that this feels more like a rock performance than an electronic one, but heck.. IMO a very good way to bring out even heavier stuff is by pulling in a good band to work with what you already have. Although I really favor synths and electronic music there's simply no substitute for the original IMO.

    Having said that I also wonder what we're dealing with here; a heavy performance or a very clean-cut registration of said performance. I've been looking on youtube for other registrations and when looking at the one I found below there's hardly anything left of the heavy (yet very specific) beat and the smooth variations which you hear with the featured performance. Could be the registration there as well, sure, but it still gave me a slightly different view and impression of the performance above..

    No matter how bad a registration is; it usually leaves /something/ of the small nuances intact, yet I didn't find much here..

    [youtube T2Sv3N8WmFY youtube]

  5. I don't give a damn shit whether this is called "electronic music" or not. It's a great performance and the audience is going nuts about it. Much better than lots of pure electro acts.

  6. I have to agree that this video isnt really impressive considering Trentemøller’s studio albums which are highly excellent and dont really sound anything like this

  7. I don't understand the suggestion that this is not an electronic music performance. Maybe we've all seen so many boring electronic music performances that we expect them to be boring?

    The last thing I want to see when I spend $50 to go to a show is some dude checking his email or a DJ waving his hands in the air in front of some flashing lights. We've probably all seen that, though.

    I'm not familiar with Trentemoller but he puts on a crazy show and his fans obvious love it. Kraftwerk's style works for them, too, but you wouldn't want everybody doing a show like Kraftwerk's.

    And did no one else notice the wicked Dorit Chrysler? She's not checking her email.

    Is there a DVD of this show? I'd like to see more of it!

  8. seems like you have not heard his new album "into the great wide yonder"… this is in fact a track from that album, and the whole album has this kind of twangy surf sound mixed with his techy textures… considering this album as his 2nd album (therefore 50% of his album materiel if you look away from "the chronicles") this has very much to do with his sound…

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