Oberheim Son Of 4 Voice Brings Back Vintage 70’s Synth Sound & Design

Tom Oberheim has introduced a new analog synth – the Oberheim Son Of 4 Voice.

If it doesn’t look brand-spanking new, though, there’s a reason…..

Here’s the announcement for the Oberheim Son Of 4 Voice:

SON OF 4 VOICE’s SEMs bring back vintage ’70s design … 100% discrete analog … absolutly no custom chips.

The audio that screams from an SEM is fat, fine and funky, with a tonal variety unlike any other sound-generating device on this rock we call home. Gang up four of these monsters, and you’ve got sounds that’re thicker than thunder.

SO4V can be used as a 4-voice polyphonic synth or as 4 individual synths under MIDI control. Two SO4Vs can be ganged together to create an 8-voice.

The Polyphonic Voice Control and Programmer section retains all the features of the original Four Voice Programmer and Keyboard control modules, while adding gotta-have-’em goodies like these:

  • Two MIDI sync capable LFOs with multiple waveshapes including sample and hold per voice
  • Two programmable ADSR envelope generators per voice
  • Selectable master tuning (both VCOs or VCO2 only) allows easy detuning for huge unison sounds
  • Polyphonic portamento with linear or exponential response
  • Noise generator connected to filter input #1
  • External audio or A440 tuning reference connected to filter input #2
  • Updated output module with mix and pan control for each voice
  • Two SO4Vs can be easily connected together – result: eight voices!

Each SO4V is equipped with a Tom Oberheim signature plate.

Specifications subject to change.

The Oberheim Son Of 4 Voice is expected to be available in May, 2011, for US $3,495.

Preorder at GFSAgency.

via Matrixsynth, GearJunkies

8 thoughts on “Oberheim Son Of 4 Voice Brings Back Vintage 70’s Synth Sound & Design

  1. Eeh, presets.. I would rather have a mix of sliders for my adsr and knobs for my cutoff and res.

    Like the dedicated knobs for each osc and filter but dont like its overly simplistic unit. How about 3 osc and a sequencer that can be routed to whichever osc or 3 osc and more control over my filters and lfo.

    Like the direction but I would have done it differently.

  2. $3,500 isn't high when you compare it to modular analog synths and this looks very flexible.

    It would be nice to see a high-end synth come out that was futuristic, though, instead of retro.

  3. Would really to love to have seen this with modulation between oscillators available, similar to the old Jupiter 8 "crossmod" feature. Trying to keep my credit card in the wallet and not drool! The asking price is not unwarranted on balance with what it is in the current marketplace, but, yes, it is steep. I do hope a sturdy hinged lid is included.

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