20 thoughts on “The iLL.F.O’s Synth Lair

  1. really ? my how synthtopia has fallen. as if being banged over the head with nerd revolt wasn't
    enough, we need a still image of their set up.

    now go on and ask me where my music is and tell me i don't
    have to visit synthtopia if i don't like it.

    thanks for confirming that the internet is indeed a dump truck.

  2. It's all synth porn, and it's all good. Maybe regular porn porn is what you're looking for. That's a different site all together.

    And yes it's a whiteout addition of the Virus TI, which is a pretty rare synth (unless ex-winphat has one and that's why he's bored of it all).

  3. 2 instances of a Virus just doesn't qualify as "synth porn" in my book, and my book is the book you should be reading. Actually, I am not sure any synth that can be found in Timbaland's studio can qualify as "synth porn". It seems to be more about promotion.

    @multimode.modular – When you say "sexy synth cave" it makes everyone uncomfortable.

  4. There are only two synthesizers in this photo, Virus polar desktop and polar (upper right corner). The rest are usb/midi interfaces and do not generate sound of any kind.

    "Synth Lair" this is not. A good touring rig maybe.

  5. Marcustwit-
    This was categorized as "synth porn", which implies we're going to see some synths, not imagine what software GUIs might lie dormant on a laptop. Every computer has the potential to be a million and one synthesizers, but the day we start considering the GUI of a softsynth "synth porn" is the day I be come completely disinterested in "synth porn".

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