Tectonic – A Free Album Of Music Generated By Earthquakes


Sound artist Micah Frank has released Tectonic – a free album of music generated by earthquakes.

The video, above, documents the Tectonic sound sculpture, which creates sound in real time, triggered by earthquakes as they occur across the globe.

A integrated system between Max/MSP, Google Earth and Ableton Live processes a stream of real-time data that is translated into synthesis and sample playback parameters. When an earthquake occurs, seismic data is relayed to the system, sound is produced and Google Earth immediately flies to the coordinates of the latest earthquake.

For the album Tektonic, embedded above, Frank compiled and mastered 57 minutes of earthquake sonifications that can be listened to as a full length album.

You can also download the sonifications as a free Live Pack.

Details on the sound sculpture are available at Frank’s site.

18 thoughts on “Tectonic – A Free Album Of Music Generated By Earthquakes

  1. No offense intended – this was scheduled independently.

    It is coverage of an experimental sonification project, not commentary on current events.

  2. Perhaps the album can be dedicated to Christchurch, New Zealand? They could use this to soothe the children who are scared to go to sleep. If all the proceeds go to the city restoration it would be very meaningful. What percentage of the $12 billion damage do you think it would cover?

  3. All forces contain good and bad effects. We learned to cook when the devastation of lightning fires scoured the land. The lightning that strikes you dead and burns your town is the same force that powers Mozart in your mp3 player. The wind that rips apart land and cities is controlled, and creates music through organ pipes. We might learn something about the forces that run through the Earth and what they mean for Humanity, and what Humanity must do to coexist with these planetary forces. But we will learn nothing if we categorize the search for knowledge as mistimed, inappropriate, or disturbing to children.

    Turn off your television. Think for yourself.

  4. This is beautiful. I love listening to the sounds of our Earth and the universe.

    To the people complaining about this: This is about what is naturally beautiful. This is far from insulting. See this as a gift like it was intended. If you got out of your selfish bubbles you might see all the other gifts you are missing out on.

  5. What a bunch of weirdo's you folks are commenting on how terrible an earthquake is and comparing it to this music. It's an effort to bring something interesting and wonderful out of chaos. Like so many others who have posted here, I think it's amazing, interesting, and beautiful. I hope to hear more. There is no changing the fact that earthquakes happen. To complain this music is in bad taste is, in itself, bad taste and narrow minded.

    Of course, like those who would disagree, this is MY opinion. And as mentioned, I hope to hear more.

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