Charlie Sheen Samples For Remixing

KROQ radio has released a selection of 46 free Charlie Sheen samples for your techno tracking/remixing pleasure:

Ever since his first interview, everything that has come out of Charlie Sheen’s mouth has been magic. So we collected all of his best phrases for you to enjoy.

Download these clips, remix them, then upload them to our dropbox. We’ll be posting the best ones we get.

via kroqBPM

30 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen Samples For Remixing

  1. ha ha sheen went from zero to Busey in like a week. remember kids, speedballs and jack daniels in moderation.

  2. This is unfortunate. I thought this site was above this kind of mockery of another human being that is experiencing some disturbing mental health issues. Go make music with some thing else.

  3. I have watched the interview before seeing this news and I think it's cool these samples are available. Point is "nothing's sacred", it's disrespectful, and I like it. Most of us could be like the guy, over hyped druggie, but we're not, so why should we bother? Why media are showing his confession as "hot news"? Don't tell me it's precaution for youngsters, because I don't believe media care. It's just media bollocks and we should make fun of it.

  4. except that he's a total douche bag and a spoiled rich brat who has been given everything. i'm tired of people feeling sorry for the likes of lindsay lohan and charlie sheen. they have the keys to the world and the average person who works his/her tail off is supposed to feel sorry for them?

    it's much more entertaining to watch them pour gasoline over themselves and combust in their own egos.

  5. I for one don't give a rats ass….. i like the guy and use 4 samples on there, nothing to make fun of him… but something superb… gnarlison barkley.

  6. What the heck is your problem man Charlie Sheen has no mental issues THINK ABOUT IT HE IS AN ACTOR throwing out allot of big words most people dont bother to understand or look up and the majority of what he says is right . Except in his youtube videos i cant remember the one its edited a bit and it says about him being behind people cutting their throats and their childrens throats and all funny how the media never got hold of that maybe they never listened to the videos stupid journalists i will listen now……. lets see it was 6th of march youtube sheens korner episode 2 at 1.40

  7. he is creative, he is on point, and he is talking about the way things work behind maya . . i mean that in the oldest sense of the term . .

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