Tubular Bells Played By An Army Of Synth Babes (Holy WTF You Can Die Happy Now)

Problems in your life? Have a lousy week?

This video will fix everything.

It’s a righteous display of grrl power as The Brooklyn Organ Synth Orchestra performs Mike Oldfield’s classic Tubular Bells.

We like Mike Oldfield’s performance of Tubular Bells, but not even Oldfield himself can compare to an army of synth babes.

If you could take everything that’s good and right in this world and cram it into one music video, it would be The Brooklyn Organ Synth Orchestra performing Tubular Bells.

Hammond organ!


Oberheim synths!


Dave Smith anything!

Hardware music robots!

Software music robots!


Plus………Tubular Babes!

Remember, earlier in the week, when we were griping about how electronic music gear meetups were sausage fests need to be more inclusive?

Invite the The Brooklyn Organ Synth Orchestra. Problem solved.

Give this another view and then know that you can die happy. 


  • Kaia Wong (Mixel Pixel)
  • Kelly Rae Kerwin (Private Income)
  • Natasha Bartolf
  • Joanna Choy (Spray Paint Star)
  • Amy Merril (Mia Riddle)
  • Greta Gertler (The Universal Thump)
  • Supercute!
  • Anna Copa Cabanna
  • Rolyn Hu (True Primes)
  • Sondra Sun-Odeon (Silver Summit)
  • Michi Turner (Crash Diet Crew)
  • Katia Floreska (The Tall Pines)
  • Natalie Weiss (Unicornicopia, Camp Wanatachi)
  • Wendy Ip
  • Alice Cohen
  • Yvette Perez
  • Kelly Vaughn-Kauffman (Winstron Troy)
  • Yvette Perez (H*E*R)
  • Hula Hoop Harlot Melissa-Anne
  • Alix Brown (Golden Triangle)
  • Leah Cary (Girl Crisis)
  • Caitlin Jemison (Queen Of Sibyls)

Instruments Featured:

  • Hammond M3 Organ
  • Fender Rhodes
  • Oberheim Xpander
  • Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Keyboard
  • Steinway Upright Grand Piano
  • RMI Keyboard Computer
  • Jenco Celeste
  • Baldwin Electric Harpsichord
  • Bebot
  • Magical Musical Thing
  • Thingamagoop
  • Hohner Clavinet D6
  • Casio CZ-101
  • Wurlitzer Electric Piano
  • Conn Electric Band
  • ARP 2600
  • ARP Omni
  • Suzuki Omnichord
  • Yamaha CS-01
  • Yamaha TX802
  • Vox Continental
  • Fender Starmaster
  • Farfisa Combo Compact
  • Buzzing Bee
  • Optigan
  • Stylophone
  • Toy Piano
  • 360 Systems Digital Keyboard
  • Hammond Synthesizer
  • Gibson Clavioline
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • MiniMoog
  • Mellotron
  • Mass-Rowe Vibrachime

via rastro2:

Filmed and Directed by Amy Hobby.
Edited by Tony Zajkowski.

Over 20 different NYC female keyboardists playing vintage keyboards at Joe McGinty’s Carousel Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Available on iTunes!


27 thoughts on “Tubular Bells Played By An Army Of Synth Babes (Holy WTF You Can Die Happy Now)

  1. The headline made me think it was going to be cheesy and that I might watch about a minute, but it was actually very well done, entertaining and educational.

  2. I vote Kelly Rae Kerwin as most charismatic. The way she moves her head you can tell she's getting into every single note.

  3. On top of its obvious fun pluses, I note that they hocketed from one instrument to another much like Oldfield did. They were exuberant, yet also respected the core piece's SHAPE and not just the notes. I got such a kick out of this, it makes me want to try it myself… perhaps a heavy metal version… or maybe not:P. Sure, the babe candy was nice, but if they couldn't really play, it wouldn't have worked. Beautifully done.

  4. I think the ability to play should be a qualification for "synth babe". Otherwise it's just "girls with synths".

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