Thor Polysonic Synthesizer Tutorial – Thor’s Oscillator Types

James Bernard’s video series 52 Reason / Record Tips takes a look at the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer in Propellerhead Reason

via PropellerheadSW:

Synth School enters its final and most advanced device starting this week. Strap in and get ready because we’re about to tackle the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer. Thor is called “polysonic” because it offers a smorgasbord of various oscillator types, filter types, and signal routing options.

This week we’ll be focusing on the first major oscillator types in Thor. Each oscillator has a specific synth technology behind it and each one has a particular sound that will be suitable for different uses. If you’ve found yourself relying on presets for Thor or if you tend to go straight to the analog oscillator because it’s familiar to you, you’ll definitely want to get to know these other oscillators. They’ll expand your sonic palette and ramp up your sound design chops.

3 thoughts on “Thor Polysonic Synthesizer Tutorial – Thor’s Oscillator Types

  1. I know I'm usually quite critical (and not too proud to admit it) but I have to say to be surprised that only near the end of his "52 weeks of Reason/Record" James finally takes a look at Thor. In my opinion Thor should have been addressed waaay earlier.

    As to the contents of this tutorial I have to say not being very impressed either. Cynical or not; to me it looks as if James is basically reciting the manual to us. No; this is not a sneer, I'm very serious here. I'll quote his comments on the Wavetable oscillator: "wavetable oscillators have been the basis of several vintage synths, like the ppg, kore wavestation and others".

    Page 210 of the manual, the section covering the Thor basic modules. Here we see the wavetable oscillator: "Wavetable oscillators have been the basis of several vintage synths (PPG, Korg wavestation and many others)".

    Dude, WHAT THE HECK ?!

    Yes, I'm the kind of nut who actually read the manual and remembers it. And I also think that Thor deserves WAY better than this.

  2. These tutorials are mainly for people who are new to Reason and for whatever reason haven't tackled the manual. There are some quality written tutorials on the Propellerhead site written by Gordon Reid if you want more advanced material.

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