Free iPhone App From Kraftwerk’s Karl Bartos

Karl Baros Mini Composer

Karl Bartos (formerly of Kraftwerk) and Masayuki Akamatsu (media artist and author of various iPhone apps such as Banner, Oscillator, Echochops) have created a free iPhone app, Mini-Composer (App Store link).

“We have created this simple music app for fun: it implements the basic waves of a synthesizer with a 16-step sequencer,” says Bartos. “This app is totally free of charge, but we would be very glad if, as a relief to people’s suffering following the earthquake and tsunami, you would consider a donation to lend a helping hand to Japan. Please enjoy our music and think Japan.”


  • 16 steps sequencer
  • Start/stop sequence
  • Multi-touch note input
  • 32 polyphonic tones + 1 drum track
  • 4 waves (saw, triangular, square, sine)
  • 4 drumbeat loops
  • Drums on/off
  • Random notes
  • Clear notes

The executive producer of the application is Jean-Marc Lederman.

If you give Mini-Composer a try, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

3 thoughts on “Free iPhone App From Kraftwerk’s Karl Bartos

  1. Nice design and drum sounds. I love the graphics representing different drum patterns. It would be cool if they make it more customizable.

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