Ralf And Florian: The Kraftwerk Sitcom

Ever wonder would have happened if Kraftwerk would have had its own sitcom in the mid-70’s?

Ralf And Florian: the Kraftwerk sitcom answers that question.

via bracestower:

Just discovered in a Dusseldorf car boot sale is this rare pilot for the uncommissioned Kraftwerk sitcom, “Ralf and Florian”.

Shame it never made it, as Ralf Hutter has great comic timing and could have been the next Alf Garnet.

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11 thoughts on “Ralf And Florian: The Kraftwerk Sitcom

  1. : "I did all the programming on that record; they didn't credit me, though.
    (Karl Bartos sound on sound interview reffering to the Mix album)

    If we like music, we can be drawn to its roots, for example techno owes a lot to Detroit and Detroit owes a lot to Japan, and If you learn a craft from someone, paying them respect is a normal human code.
    I enjoyed karl Bartos's book. It's worth a read. Maybe for some people ripping everyone of is ok. For some of us it shows no artistic integrity.That is the bottom line for me.
    The real story of Kraftwerk is interesting cause they hope to avoid scrutiny!!!

  2. midiboy – the big thing that I took away from the Bartos book was that Kraftwerk's image was as important to them as their music.

    Their music wasn't really that far ahead of what other bands were doing with synths at the time, but Kraftwerk was obsessed with marketing themselves as this futuristic robot band and that's how they were perceived.

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