Free Casio VL-Tone Soundfont

Free Casio VL Tone samples

Contralogic has released a free Casio VL-Tone Soundfont:

Here’s a soundfont I made a while ago of the “piano” sound from a Casio VL-1 keyboard.

All 53 notes in the instrument’s range are individually sampled at 48 kHz from the VL-Tone’s line output – so you can recreate the authentic sound of this classic vintage instrument.

The Casio VL-Tone Soundfont is available for download at the Contralogic site.

5 thoughts on “Free Casio VL-Tone Soundfont

  1. I used to own one of these!!! I think my Mom sold it in a garage sale. :^{ The samples will have to do. Thanks!

  2. Still have my Casio VL-Tone and played with it just a few months ago. Will have fun with the plug-in.
    Of course I also have my Casio SK-1, a Sequential Curcuits Max, and a Chroma Polaris that are quite vintage,

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