Shake N’ Bake Baby Oscillator Synth Is Truly ‘Bent’

The Shake N’ Bake Baby Oscillator is bent in every sense of the word and may whet your demented appetites for an upcoming version that will support control voltages in.

Because – who doesn’t need a baby head oscillator in their modular synth?

via centerofmind:

This instrument was made by me for the local Winnipeg band DRugs.

I really like this one. Glitchy, noisy, and fun. The craziness increases ten fold if you plug it into effects.

This video was recorded with no effects, just the straight signal from Baby. The “Deprive” knob really helps sculpt the sound. There are three audio rate oscillators and one clock rate that controls the “Shake” feature. It was a complicated task to get everything inside the baby head. It is now sealed shut, so if anything goes wrong…….surgery.

My next baby will have a CV in, babies like that. I did not realize there are others who use baby heads for projects……

2 thoughts on “Shake N’ Bake Baby Oscillator Synth Is Truly ‘Bent’

  1. I want to make one (maybe with an MFOS WSG), but I want an accelerometer in there so that I can tweak it by shaking the baby!

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