MIDI Hats – The Latest In Controllerism Chic?

MIDI hats

If you’ve been looking for a cool MIDI controller, look no further than Sunny Oh and Anna Obikane’s MIDI Hats:

The hat is made from wool felt and embedded with steel wool to create pressure sensors used to manipulate sounds clips.

The fuzzy, colorful balls control volume and speed. Added mainly for theatricality, the LEDs on the hat, when illuminated, also signify that the instrument is ready for play.

As for the tech, it uses the Lilypad Arduino and was programmed in MAX/MSP.

Actually, it’s probably pretty hard to look cool when you’ve got a furry phallus hat on your head. MIDI Hats are supposed to be silly and supposed to be fun:

What sets the MIDI Hat apart from the rest (other than the downright cuteness factor) is that the MIDI Hat is a collaborative musical interface that allows participants to compose music together. It is the nature of this collaboration, along with the whimsical interface design, that makes this musical instrument quite a delight to play.

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  1. This is the kind of device that will inevitably cause many fights. There's only so much poking at your head a person can take!

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