Meeblip SE Synthesizer Coming In July

Meeblip SE Synthesizer

Developer James Grahame has announced the MeeBlip SE synthesizer:

It’s probably safe to let the cat out of the bag — we’ll be unveiling meeblip se in mid-July.

The new MeeBlip will include bandlimited oscillators, a tweaked panel layout, a second envelope, extended MIDI capabilities and many other improvements. Current MeeBlip owners will be able to upgrade the firmware and replace the front panel to get se functionality. We’ll also unveil a few hardware changes that will make the synth easier to assemble and use. More on that in a few weeks.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is – he’s also declared war on Canada.

Details at the MeeBlip site.


15 thoughts on “Meeblip SE Synthesizer Coming In July

  1. Create Douchebag Music with the under powered, badly conceptualized MeeCrap! No point in even ordering it you'll wait forever to get it, you can build it yourself, but you'll soon realize there isnt anything interesting to be done beside a tired digital sound… Build yourself a Shruthi-1 and dont waste your time and money. I tossed my MeeBlip in the trash after I built it and looked over the code for a couple days. Doesnt have enough power and I wasnt willing to invest anymore time on this little platform. The Shruthi was the best thing Ive built in a long time! The MeeBlip will simply never catch up…some of the sounds of the Shruthi-1 blow away my Waldorf stuff. Plus IT HAS PATCH STORAGE…Now lets see the string of wahwahwahs and BS excuses of this is not this and that is not that…. It looks neat at first, but its just a big floppy one.

  2. Jim: What I'm hearing is that you like the MeeBlip and you're wondering when more will be available. I'm in the same camp. Maybe the creators will shed some light on this issue for us.

  3. Jim everything you mentioned in both your posts is why I haven't purchased a MeeBlip and I really like that you back your opinion with facts and personal experience. You can understand how I misconstrued the d-bag comment. I have to agree about the played out nature of the NES/SID sound, even though my C64 was a huge part of my youth. Just so you know I didn't vote you down on the original comment, my new personal rule is I'll only vote down completely idiotic statements, but not strong opinions.

  4. Jim, douchebag is the correct term, but be careful, you appear to be pointing it the wrong way.

    I can’t really believe you threw yours in the trash literally, instead of selling it, giving it away to another musician without your stellar taste, or to a kid at least etc. Or I’d have to think your sort of a tool.

    Ok maybe you did.

  5. Well what I meant to say was that my disbelief about your meeblip ending up in the trash calls into question whether you really had one. Your being a dick caused your point to lose credibility.

  6. im really interested in this and now im glad i waited to pick one up

    please keep us updated on your progress

    also do you have future plans beyond the meeblip?

  7. Yeah I had one, shipped from 64 Turner Valley for a Montant total de la transaction: 16.37… and yes, excuse me Assembly. Apologies, I do my VST work with C. Just used to saying it.

    Yes, I chucked it…$70 down the tubes, oh well. Actually, I did give it to my kid after I decided I didnt like it but she wasnt into it either. I set her up with a couple Bliptronics, a TR707, and a midi metronome to sync the Bliptronics and shes happy with that. Plus, I got her a K Station so really my 7 year old has quite enough to last her for a while. I just said it reminded me of the Sidstation, Im aware they are two different animals. I guess its not just not being my cup of tea, i really didnt like it…I felt the same way about the MC505, the DR202, the microKorg, the Electribes, the Little Fatty…

    and my taste in synths is way more stellar that my taste in music. I have a nice collection that Im proud of. I got some old Waldorfs, two Nords, I just picked up a Virus B that I dig. I have a couple Casios, the SK1 and VL…not bent. I just sold a Machinedrum and got an RS7000 that Im very happy with. Ive got (my own) 707 as well as a 505 and 606. A few months ago I picked up an EMU E4KUltra and an Akai S6000 real cheap..Good stuff… I have more bullshit than I know what to do with, chucking a MeeBlip because I didnt like it and my kid didnt want it isnt exactly crazy to me…Tossing my beloved Nord Modular KB, that would be a travesty…A raw MeeBlip without a case, collecting dust…Im not really worried about selling it for $50 or $60 so to me, it was just clutter. If its a big deal to you, Im sorry…learn to Weld or Machine and be a single Dad, you'll soon see that thats not a lot of money to toss out compared to how much you spend on other stuff or the amount of clothes you buy then get rid of a few months later.

    I just pulled it out of the trash…it stinks and has some beer on it but still works haha…Ill check out the firmware update and give it another chance. I did have one idea I want to try that I thought of this morning…Im gonna see how it sounds to bypass the filter and run it through my Waldorf filter, sort of how the Shruthi or the Bass Station is…A DCO and VCF combo may catch my interest a little more. I did just think this might be cool through a couple Moogerfoogers…I have the Phaser and Delay but I dont have the Filter and Ring Mod….I might have to make a weird chain to see how I like this thing…If i do the same with a Q or the Virus it just sounds dull but maybe the crunchy sound of the MeeBlip will work better…

    But fine, I'll give your firmware update a go…the OSC update may be better than my own tweaks Im sure but what are the other updates?

    Also, Im not sure how the fact that Im brash relates to any credibility…UH OH, the mighty Industitrust doesnt believe something… Better put it in the iBible!

  8. Jim, if you do pull your MeeBlip out of the trash and we can be of any help, get in touch, seriously. James and I may be able to walk you through what you need.

    And yes, we'll certainly keep everybody posted.

  9. Haters gonna hate.

    PETER: Any word yet on pricing? Are you going to do pre-orders? I was just about to pull the trigger on buying a MeeBlip when I saw the news, and now I'm trying to decide if I should wait for the SE. What say ye?

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