New Super-Jay Synth For Windows

Manx has introduced the Super-Jay polysynth – a new software synth for Windows, inspired by ‘one of the most desirable analog synths ever’…..

Here’s what they have to say about Super-Jay:

The Super-Jay is certainly feature laden, but this is NOT why you should be interested in this VST instrument! There are thousands of all singing all dancing virtual instruments available already, but to our knowledge, none of them generate audio using the same principles as the ‘Manx Engine’ – the DSP code that lies at the heart of all Manx Synthesizers.

The Manx range has been created specifically to push the boundaries of warmth and character much closer to the standard set by analog hardware which is now decades old.


  • Oscillator Sync
  • PWM with independent LFOs
  • Polyphonic

Super-Jay is available now for Windows for US $89.

via SonicState

One thought on “New Super-Jay Synth For Windows

  1. When i initially saw this, I was excited. But unless you show it with the factory presets intact for A/B comparison (or at least an ear-check), no one's gonna shell out 89 clams for this.
    especially with Martin Lüders Pg8x VSTi available … FOR FREE.

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