The Custom MIDI Controllers SR MixControl

Saturday Synth Porn: Can a MIDI controller be sexy?

Check out this promo video for Custom MIDI Controller‘s SR MixControl and let us know what you think.

The SR MixControl was designed and built custom for Simon Rodgers of Victoria, Australia. It features black concave arcade buttons, bright red LED’s, sliders, spring buttons and smooth knobs.

Tying it all together is custom artwork from Clay Chollar.

The controller also integrates a programmer application that enables complex LED functionality and preset memory.

14 thoughts on “The Custom MIDI Controllers SR MixControl

  1. I like the idea. What ever happened to colour, It's all black black or white like no one cares for design and personality aspect of their products. Like making music is supposed to be some kind of morbid shady activity. And the cars too? On top of that autumn is one season early. The only controller having design/personality that appeals to me seems the monome. Of course the main thing is the sound and functionality of a product, still…having a style goes a long way.
    What would you consider nice design for a musical instrument?

    1. I would have to disagree with this. Personally, I think the Master Brain from Livid Instruments is not a cheap part and the arcade buttons that are higher quality than the Midi Fighter make a super decent controller.

  2. Well as someone who works in design, I find it visually confusing (too much unnecessary detail) and overloaded. I mean a controller's appearance should be functional to it's use, and this one isn't. From a more aesthetical point of view I'd say it looks more like a modded gaming device than like a controller…

  3. totally agree with you. As I commented below I don't consider this to be a good example of design. It's just not serving the purpose, all the contrary I'd say…
    Good design is able to combine usability with aesthetics, and uses a visual language that works well with the device (relating the the culture it's been created for and from which it originates). This one looks more like something a video game obsessed teen would buy, which probably could be ok for people who create a certain type of dance music…
    But anyway, personally I'd like to see a better use of colour in product design…

  4. Speaking of color, I personally won’t buy Any controller from now on that doesn’t have multi-colored LEDs! This thing looks like it was custom made for skrillex.

    Btw, downloaded Usine this weekend, and talk about color. It may only be software, but some of the fabulously colorful patches are up there with the Lemur as far as visual appeal goes. Just makes you want to give up sleep and play with it all weekend… Which I did.

  5. Custom MIDI did not pick out the design, and color palet. The artist himself designed this and the people who come to Custom MIDI controllers are enabled to pick out their own specific schematics. From the buttons, to the faders, etc. This does not define the controller itself.

  6. Hey Jason,

    I’d prefer a classic-looking controller with wood grains and/or metal. With buttons and sliders that are neutral colored, with configurable different colored LEDs. Oh and a touchscreen xy pad!

  7. The great thing about Custom Midi Contollers is that it's custom. You can customize and manifest whatever sort of controller you'd like, with whatever LED'S you'd like, buttons, sliders, knobs, down to the very custom art work of it! It allows you to create what you want for your needs.

    I'd have to give the person in control of this a pat on the back for simply allowing us artists to have complete control over design based around our needs. It seems as though a lot of you are getting caught up in the design, and not looking past the idea of what Custom MIDI controllers is about! As well as the fact that they use top quality parts, and are very flexible. I personally can't wait to get one of these in my hands.

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