Drum Toy – The World’s Funkiest Metronome?

Developer Maz & Kilgore has released Drum Toy, an iOS drum machine that uses probability and rules to create variety in its patterns.

Here’s what the developer has to say about Drum Toy:

Drum Toy uses an admittedly weird drum machine architecture and concept. You create basic loops using Drum Toy’s Every and Offset knobs, and then feather in the secret ingredient: Probability!

In a way, Drum Toy ‘thinks’ the way drummers do. Find the pocket, lay down the main groove and sprinkle lightly with a few tasty fills or variations here and there to keep things fresh. Drum Toy is set up to force certain beats while leaving others to just the right amount of chance. This simple mechanism yields a surprising array of personality.

Drum Toy – the world’s funkiest practice metronome.

M.I.A.: MIDI support.

Drum Toy is $.99 in the App Store.

via RobbyKilgore

8 thoughts on “Drum Toy – The World’s Funkiest Metronome?

  1. i like the probability setting and think all drum machines should have this option as it adds a little life to the mix.

  2. Are we really upset that this simple app doesn't have MIDI? This app has three drum sounds that you can't even change and no individual volume/pan controls. Personally, I like it. It's nice being able to get something going without much programming or using a canned loop. Might be interesting to see this developed into a full-featured drum machine. I'm thinking it would be cool to run alongside something like Aura Flux 2 or NodeBeat. But, still… it's a metronome. A funky one, yes, but still a metronome.

  3. The option to add some randomness in an intelligent way would be a great addition to any drum machine.

    Id love to have options like this on an Electribe!

  4. If you play bass this thing is awesome. I'd like to be able to set a crash every so many bars though. But that should be easy to add and hopefully they will.

  5. v1.01 awaiting approval fixes minor transport and memory preset bugs.

    Working on the new updates now…
    * 100s of selectable sounds
    * User namable/savable/loadable patches

    Thanks for downloading. Stick with us, we hear you. – RK

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