8 thoughts on “Recreate Daft Punk’s Infamous ‘Da Funk’ Synth Sound In Massive

  1. Hmm…close…but he’s missing the ‘squelch’ of the original sound. Needs more resonance on the filter plus a slow attack on the filter envelope. My work is done here.

  2. Why would you want to sound like Daft Punk? Wouldn’t you rather sound like yourself? Sure, I’ve learned some of what I know by trying to recreate a few sounds or tunes I liked, but that gets old. I’d rather be known as a fairly good Me than a really good cover tune boffin.

  3. Well, I gave this a try and to me it’s nothing like close enough to the original sound. So, I had a go at doing it myself using TAL’s Noisemaker v2 soft synth, which is free. Got a much closer representation of the sound and ran it threw a distortion pedal in Amplitube. It sounds way better and I’m not even that great at programming synths. I know this guy is trying is trying to help people and respect to him for that, but he needs to try harder to nail the sounds he is going for. If I knew how to make tutorial videos, I’d make one showing what I did.

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