Make The Sound Of The Post Apocalypse, Get A Scholarship

Post Apocalyptic Future

SoundCloud and Vancouver Film School have announced a sound design challenge – the Full Scholarship Challenge – that offers a full ride scholarship to the Sound Design for Visual Media program at Vancouver Film School as the top prize.

What do you have to do? Create an original audio track that communicates your interpretation of one the following:

  • The color red
  • The birth of an idea
  • An imaginary animal being born
  • Falling in love
  • A post-apocalyptic landscape

Sound Design for Visual Media is focused on the craft of creating soundscapes for entertainment properties. Its faculty of working professionals, industry-level equipment, and dedicated film and game audio curriculum make it unique in the world of sound design education.

Sounds are due by Nov 13th. Get the details at the challenge site.

Image: Ran Yaniv Hartstein, via noiseaddicts


2 thoughts on “Make The Sound Of The Post Apocalypse, Get A Scholarship

  1. I tried the first one, but it only came out sounding pale orange. I would have thought that communicating “the colour red” would be something better done by the visual arts. I look forward to seeing the silent film versions of “The Piano” or “Captain Corelli’s Banjo”.

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