Casio Introducing 2 New Synths

Casio XW-G1 Synthesizer

2012 NAMM Show: has officially introduced two new keyboard synthesizers, the XW-G1 Groove Synthesizer, above, and the XW-P1 Performance Synthesizer, below.

Casio XW-P1 Synthesizer

The XW-G1 is a ‘groove synthesizer’ that combines the functions of the various digital equipment used by DJs in a single unit, and the XW-P1 is intended as a true performance synthesizer, designed for creating sounds for live performances and playing expressively.

Here are the details on each of the new Casio XW Series synths.

Casio XW-G1 Performance Synthesizer

Casio XW-G1 synthesizer

The Casio XW-G1 is a ‘groove synthesizer’ equipped with a keyboard and designed to offer the various kinds of digital equipment used by club DJs, including the ability to create and play back a variety of rhythm patterns and musical phrases.


  • Step Sequencer
    • 100 different rhythm patterns are available for playback in the preset sequences
    • Up to 100 original rhythm patterns can be recorded as user sequences
    • Users can improvise using the set of 16 buttons while playing back rhythm patterns
    • Multiple rhythm patterns—as many as 99—can be connected in a sequence and played as loops using the Chains function
  • Phrase Sequencer
    • 100 musical phrases can be readily played back using the preset phrases
    • Up to 100 musical phrases spontaneously played on the keyboard can be stored in memory as user phrases
  • Live performance functions
    • A multifunction keys enables users to assign essential functions for DJ performances to keys
    • 420 preset tones including Solo Synthesizer and PCM tones can be quickly accessed in keyboard performances
    • The Arpeggio function can automatically play arpeggios just by pressing keys
  • Sample Looper
    • Sounds performed on the synthesizer as well as sounds input from external source can be sampled and played back in loops of up to 19 seconds long, allowing overdubbing
    • Sampled sounds that are saved as user tones can be played in keyboard performances
  • Other features
    • Wide variety of preset tones or internal PCM and Synth waves to create sounds
    • Various input and output terminals enable connection of audio equipment and MIDI-compatible devices, such a DJ gear and musical instruments
    • Portable MIDI devices or audio equipment can be placed on the designated rubber holding space

Specifications are available at the Casio site.

Casio XW-P1 Performance Synthesizer

The XW-P1 is designed to be a true performance synthesizer that allows users to create a wide array of sounds from many preset tones, including Solo Synthesizer, Hex Layer, and Drawbar Organ tones, as well as numerous types of internal PCM and Synth waves.


  • Wide selection of preset tones ensures quick access in performances
    • 100 Solo Synthesizer presets can reproduce vintage analog synthesizer sounds
    • 50 Hex Layer presets layer as many as six tones for ensemble sounds
    • 50 Drawbar Organ presets can reproduce traditional Drawbar Organ sounds
    • A total of 420 PCM Melody and PCM Drum presets have been produced from samples of various instrument sounds including pianos, guitars, and drums
  • Synth features
    • A total of 311 internal Synth waves reproduce vintage analog synthesizer sounds
    • A total of 2,158 PCM waves are built in, including wave data from the CZ series, Casio’s best-selling digital synthesizers of the 1980s
    • Users can create integrated sounds by layering analog synthesizer waves and PCM waves
    • Users can produce original Hex Layer sounds by combining as many as six preset tones
    • Users can create their own Drawbar Organ sounds by using the nine sliders
  • Variety of functions useful for live performances
    • Users can assign performance setups for up to four designated keyboard zones by using the Performance function
    • The Phrase Sequencer lets users create and play back musical phrases to enhance their performances
    • The Step Sequencer allows users to create and play back a variety of rhythm patterns
    • The Arpeggio function can automatically play arpeggios just by pressing keys
  • Useful features for applications ranging from performance to music production
    • SMF data or audio data saved on an SD card can be played back while playing the keyboard
    • MIDI devices, microphones, audio players, and other equipment can be connected using the various input and output terminals
    • Portable audio equipment or MIDI devices can be placed on the designated rubber holding space

Specifications for the XW-P1 are available at the Casio site.

Pricing for the two new Casio synths is to be announced.

26 thoughts on “Casio Introducing 2 New Synths

    1. It’s very likely that we’re never going to have a new PD synth again… there is info all over the internet including Wikipedia about a rumored lawsuit from YAMAHA against Casio’s phase-distortion synthesis that eventually was the cause leading CASIO to drop the PRO market 20 years ago.

      1. I heard another story of why casio decided to withdraw from the pro market. Maybe casio had a hard time competing with yamaha’s fm synths while yamaha has dominated the digital synth market. Could this be a contributed factor of why casio withdrew from the pro market back then?

  1. Why would anyone think that this 699$ synth would be a Kronos killer? It’s probably good for what is intended, has plenty of waveforms to work with, SD card, packed with features. Common, have we become so spoiled?

    1. Nobody was expecting a Casio Kronos. As you can see, every one was expecting a new Casio Synth, but got nothing.
      -No Phase distortion
      -Not even hint from HT -series
      -No synthesizer
      -probably shit rompler engine derived from WK-7500 arrangers. I wouldn’t spit on it, if the rompler engine was from MZ-2000, but now:
      “You can play famous DJ sounds”.

    2. It has Casios Arranger waveforms from WK-7500 + 400ish “new” “synth”-waveforms sampled from CZ. I thought we were promised a VA, but now I don’t see a synth there.

      So this is practically WK-7500 that is marketed for DJ’s…that doesn’t like to sound individual. Arranger and sequencer has been changed into step sequencer…I’m not sure, which I would rather choose. Oh…for incresed price, you get 4 knobs instead of speakers.

      1. I must add, that this is SO WK-7500, that it has the same gimbed effect processor, with all that “Chorus System chorus* *not available when using DSP or Solo Synthesizer sound” -crap and all.

  2. Big letdown. I was such a fan of PD in the 80’s, I was hoping their return to the pro market would at least be fresh and innovative, but sampled analog waveforms? Isn’t this what the Venom does? Have to wait to hear it, though…

  3. I refuse to trash this until I’ve heard it. I’m really rooting for Casio on this one…

    I’m hoping the new Casio is taking hints from the Quasimidi and the Sirius… with their “DJ-focused” keyboards.

  4. Taken from the official Casio site:
    “42 KHz sampling rate and 10-bit resolution” for the A/D conversion at the sound input.

  5. This took the approach of miniaturizing and making inexpensive what was already going on. Same approach as the Venom, for example, and they will probably do pretty good with this unit. I’m much more interested in the differing approach taken by the mini brute and waldorf pulse 2 where they miniaturize and reduce expense by focusing on a handful of key features and do them very well.

  6. I got a little(a lot) more excited after seeing some demos.

    Still pissed of, that its broken into two pieces in vain, and the effect processor is shit.

    But this time the organs work….they allways sounded great, but last time it was too steppy. Now smooth.

    Synths sound good. Envelopes seem to be 9 stage. Hex tone’s kindof wavestation with 6 waves.

    1. Yeah Casio! Where is it!? Quickly make it. A knobtastic module that you could place in that holder would be NICE. Combine CZ and VZ and put just a little something extra.

  7. Most pro-grade analog-modeling synths cost more than you people are willing to pay and the pro market is replete with sample-based synths that easily run into the thousands & yet,most of you are bitching & moaning over a synth that costs $499…really pathetic.
    The XW-P1 is only the very beginning of Casio’s reentry into the semi-pro market,so give them some time to see what comes up in the future.
    If you people loath Casio this much,then take your whiney anuses elsewhere and go give Roland a hard time(because they make overpriced shit that doesn’t even measure up to Casio).
    You may want to have a good listen before you continue with your tantrums;

  8. Totally Agree Thomas ,They should compare what can be compare!! A BMW or a Mercedes are 5 to 10 time cheaper than a Lamborghini or a ferrari!! Are BMW and Mercedes crap car? I doubt it !!!
    Dude for some one who have nothingmfor 500 Bucks you get a complete studio and can produce some descent electro grooves!!! And you can even go play with it on the top of a hill or a the beach (thanks the bttery) So nerdys compare what can be compare and stop bitching as you did not even tried it what basically make you Ignorent Talker!! I am sure some kids out there are gonna have fun with it!

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