Multimedia Photography Exhibition Features Reactive Soundscapes

Nuno Serrão’s most recent exhibit, Project Paperclip, is described as ‘the first photographic exhibition to use Augmented Reality’.

The exhibit uses a smartphone app to augment the photographic images with dynamic soundscapes that are designed to ‘transport visitors to a state that gives them a different interpretation of the photographs.’ The experience is unique each time it is activated as the app’s algorithm customizes the soundscapes, based on variables like the time of day, the level of noise that exists in the room, your voice and the movement and localization of the user.

Concept and Photography by Nuno Serrão
Interface design by
Development and augmented sound by Yuli Levtov and Ragnar Hrafnkelsson
Soundscapes by Alexnoise and Nuno Serrão

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