Cinesamples Intros Piano in Blue, Featuring The ‘Kind Of Blue’ Piano

Cinesamples has introduced a new virtual piano, Piano in Blue, that features the Steinway Concert Grand used for Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue sessions, recorded with classic gear.

Cinesamples recorded the Steinway Model D Concert Grand, previously located in the Columbia Records 30th Street Studios with two Columbia Nuemann U49 microphones. The signal was captured direct and also after routing it through a vintage tape machine.


  • 1949 Steinway D via Neve 8078 Console
  • 8 Velocity layers sampled chromatically
  • 9,300 Samples
  • 3 Microphone positions
  • Close / Vintage – 2x Neumann M49 near the lid
  • Mid – 2x B&K 4007 at the tail of the piano
  • Far – 2x Sennheiser MKH20s in the hall
  • 2 Processing paths (tape; direct in)
  • Studer A800MKIII 24-track analog tape machine
  • Programmed by Sam Estes; scripted by Greg Schlaepfer; recorded by Tim Starnes

The Cinesamples Piano in Blue sample library is priced at $129, but is currently available for $99. See the Cinesamples site for details.

5 thoughts on “Cinesamples Intros Piano in Blue, Featuring The ‘Kind Of Blue’ Piano

  1. Wow. This is one of the better sampled pianos I have heard. Bummer that I’m not really a Kontakt user. If they had a Live pack version I would grab this immediately.

  2. I really like this sampled piano. It’s one of the few sampled pianos out there that sounds natural, and that’s because it was recorded by ear rather than by a precise computer generated scientific velocity calculation or whatever like some libraries are recorded. Cinesamples once again has done a great job with another sampled instrument, and at such a low price compared to some other sampled piano libraries out there, it’s a must have for composers interested in a nice-sounding Steinway D.

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