Moog Minitaur Now Shipping – Who’s Ordered One?

Moog Minitaur

Saturday Synth Porn: Moog Music has announced via Facebook that the first Moog Minitaur analog bass synthesizers have left the building.

You can see our Moog Minitaur coverage from NAMM for all the standard info on the new synth. But the Minitaur has a few secrets, too, like these ‘easter egg’ images on the PCB.

The first one offers a little synth geek humor:

The next is a play on the Minitaur’s name:

So – who’s got a Minitaur on order? And if you’ve received your, let us know what you think about it!

9 thoughts on “Moog Minitaur Now Shipping – Who’s Ordered One?

  1. I would like to try one out before I order it. I was wondering also if anyone here has heard anything about the StudioLogic Sledge?

  2. Like a lot of people, I’m eagerly awaiting the first reports on this one …and the MiniBrute …and the Waldorf Pulse 2 … (have i missed one even?!)

    its raining analog and its about time, and the price is right, but unfortunately only for one of the three…ok two max

  3. Would you rather them use point to point through hole manufacturing? Do it all by hand? They can jack that price up if you reeeeeally want, but i’m sure it’ll be inflated enough…how much do you really want to pay for THAT bass sound? I’m more dissapointed that its just plain boring…

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