Site Update For Commenting Problems

no comment or commenting problems fixedWe’ve updated the site to address a problem that was affecting some users when they tried to comment.

While it’s not that uncommon for Synthtopia posts to get dozens (and sometimes even hundreds) of comments, commenting on the site wasn’t working for some readers. This was frustrating for the affected readers and unacceptable to us.

We’ve spent some time testing the site with a variety of operating systems and web browsers to address this. We tested it successfully with recent versions of all these browser & operating system/device combinations:

  • Windows & Firefox
  • Windows & IE
  • WIndows & Safari
  • Windows & Chrome
  • Mac & Safari
  • Mac & Firefox
  • Mac & Chrome
  • Mac & Rockmelt
  • iPad & Safari
  • iPhone Safari

If you still have any problem, let us know via our feedback form, which is at the top of every page of the site,Β and tell us what browser and operating system you’re using.


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