SpaceWiz Intro With Jordan Rudess

Jordan Rudess contacted us to let us know that he’s released a new music app for the iPad, Spacewiz.

“We partnered with developer Tobias Miller to see if an otherworldly dream I had could be made into reality,” says Rudess. “He was able to bring it completely to life.”

Spacewiz takes a unique approach to sound generation that’s part synth, part game and part generative audio/visual environment.

Rudess explains:

Regardless of your desires, this app will reward you with a mind-blowing creation. Sit back, and allow SpaceWiz to guide you on a uniquely woven audio-visual journey. Enjoy the ultimate sonic/visual wallpaper, or get busy and start throwing your own particles around the universe. Try rolling the dice for total randomization and see what happens!

For creators who want to play a larger role in their SpaceWiz experience, you also have the opportunity to build your audio/visual world from the void!

Spacewiz is $9.99 in the App Store.

We’ve got full specs, demos and tutorials by Rudess below. Check it out and let us know what you think!


  • Chaos, Touch and Satellite controllers.
  • Randomization of total system
  • Beat Sync, (so you can align your particle impacts to a grid.)
  • Tap Tempo
  • LowPass Filter with Resonance
  • HighPass Filter with Resonance
  • Time Warp
  • FX including Chorus, Delay and Reverb


  • 8 planets each assigned to its own timbre.
  • Randomization of independent planets
  • Control the independent volume, rate, width, height, mass and bounce of each
  • planet
  • Solo and Mute
  • Override Tonality
  • Pitch control according to Angle, X Position and Y Position of particle impact
  • Pan position with Auto Pan (which pans according to a planet’s position on the
  • grid)


  • Tonality systems offering numerous scales, modes and chords
  • Custom Tonality (choose your own!)


  • A full modulation matrix for assigning any planet’s motion to control most available parameters

SYNTH – The SW3000 SpaceWiz synthesizer

  • 2 Oscillator synth with Sync
  • Filter Envelope
  • Amplitude Envelope
  • Filter with Resonance assignable to vertical axis
  • Separate configurable playing surface
  • Dedicated SW3000 Chorus and Delay effects
  • Randomize Synthesizer


  • Assign external midi sounds to each planet and even control Wizdom Music’s own SampleWiz or any other virtual MIDI app running in the background.


13 thoughts on “SpaceWiz Intro With Jordan Rudess

  1. Oh god….I bought it. This is the first thing I’ve gotten from Jordan et al that has ever made me think, “I may have made a mistake.” I’ll be reading the manual, and hoping my opinion changes.

  2. It’s an experimental app and a good one. Jordan is innovative as are some other devs

    Leave people alone when all they do is try to make the AppStore a less boring place

  3. All Jordans apps are intensly cheesy looking with all kinds of unessesary bling and poor tweaking possibilities. Dont think I’ll buy this one.

  4. I don’t understand the negative reviews of Wizdom music apps. I bought Samplewiz, and use it ALL THE TIME. Awesome at bringing out the creativity in me… That said, this new synth looks cool… Probably awesome for pad sounds and cool transitional effects…. Buying it tonight.

  5. Yeah, really, i don’t get it..
    Why so much problems? As for SpaceWiz – there is 4 or 5 detailed videos of “what” and “how” before yoy buy.

    And, anyway, what is SpaceWiz? 8 voices (either for melodic or percussive sound) + different type of sequencing/triggering + effects\control + little weak synth

    And for other products – SampleWiz is really great and does a LOT, GeoSynth – is essential for guitarheaded keyboard haters, MorphWIz – well, someon will choose BeBot, ok.

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