Magellan For iPad Updated With MIDI Out, WIST, LFO Sync & More

Yonac Software has released an update to Magellan, its virtual synthesizer for iOS.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Integrated MIDI Out with the arps, chordmaker and the sequencer. Can now control other MIDI apps and devices using these Magellan modules.
  • WIST Integration: use Magellan in sync with WIST compatible apps on other iOS devices. Operate Magellan as master or slave, and set target or source individually for each arp and the sequencer.
  • LFO tempo syncing, with 16 note values to choose from, including dotted and triplet notes
  • Added “Fx Source Latch” preference under the “Prefs” panel: allows user to specify FX Source selection behaviour when loading presets or switching the foregrounded synth engine.
  • Automatic BPM detection for external clock syncing
  • Preset “INIT” feature in the Preset Browser: use INIT to clear synth parameters to start programming a new patch from scratch
  • Added “Save Changes” button in the Preset Browsers: use to save changes to current preset without re-entering preset name.
  • Sustain pedal support on MIDI CC 64
  • Default MIDI CC Map, developed from General MIDI Level 2
  • MIDI Learn: MIDI channels were previously displayed as 0-referenced; now they are displayed in the conventional 1-referenced form
  • Show target synth ID on each preset display screen
  • Fixed issue with metronome when Count-In was selected while metronome was already running
  • Fixed issue with Filter Bank settings when a new filter was loaded
  • Fixed issue with the arp performance mode when using certain external MIDI controllers that transmit 0-param note off messages
  • UI related fix to the sequencer panel

Magellan is $4.99 in the App Store.

9 thoughts on “Magellan For iPad Updated With MIDI Out, WIST, LFO Sync & More

  1. Great updates. But I wuold still like to see a radom patching button on both of them. Espessially the TC11 wicht I find somewhat combersome to tweak.

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