Free Modular Synth For Windows, Datmatriks

Meesha has released a free modular synth for Windows, Datmatriks:

Damatriks is a “classic” modular synthesizer system VST plugin, inspired by the modular analog synths. With many different modules in place, endless creativity is guaranteed. These modules can be patched using a CV (control voltage) matrix module, creating complex CV patches.


  • MIDI/cv
  • vco type 1 (2)
  • vco type 2
  • vco link (sync/Xmod)
  • mixer (with noise gen)
  • envelope type 1 (2)
  • vca type 1
  • filter type 1
  • filter type 2
  • delay
  • phaser
  • clock (with multiplier)
  • stepsequencer
  • lfo type 1
  • lfo type 2
  • s/h
  • cv mixer
  • cv matrix 9->14
  • output

It’s a free download at the Meesha site.

via Rekkerd

4 thoughts on “Free Modular Synth For Windows, Datmatriks

  1. hi all
    if you have a error in ableton live
    just open the damatriks.dll with SAVIHost
    it will make a folder with the same name “damatriks”
    !do not put damatriks.dll in the “damatriks” folder
    just make sure the dll and the folder are in your plugin dir
    and it works

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