The Alesis Andromeda A6 Synthesizer

In this video, Chris Stack of experimentalsynth takes a look at the rare Alesis Andromeda A6 keyboard synthesizer.

The Andromeda A6 is an underappreciated analog beast, offering  16 fully analog voices, 16-part multi-timbral operation and knobtacular tweakability.

in the video, Stack explores filter CV modulation (by a Moog Multi-Pedal) and timbral explorations over a rhythm track made from Moog synths (Voyager, Little Phatty and Slim Phatty).

If you’ve used the Alesis Andromeda A6, let us know what you think about it!

15 thoughts on “The Alesis Andromeda A6 Synthesizer

  1. Interestingly, this is the same setup I used in my recent video for Kudzucreative’s Koushion sequencer app. Koushion is running in an offscreen iPad in an Alesis iDock. I am even using the same patterns in Koushion. The difference is, no Yamaha MO8 drum track, slower tempo and different patches on the Moog synths. I have the Andromeda slotted in where I had the Moog Guitar on the other video… Koushion sending MIDI notes to the Multi-Pedal which converts them to CV voltage levels that (in this case) change the Andromeda’s filter cutoff.

  2. Easily my most prized possession in the studio. I own plenty of vintage gear, but this monster beats all of it with no question. I think it was a victim of its own atrocious aesthetic.

    1. ….meaning the layout of this synth I love looks more like it superficially belongs in the same camp as the SH-201. I just wish it had gotten some of the apple/moog aesthetic love, and i think it would be more appreciated, as sad as that is.

  3. I have only heard recordings of the A6 and it sounds lovely. and as far as how it looks, i think it looks amazing with a very cool layout. The think looks like a galaxy with the lights off!

  4. I got to play one at a retailer once for 15 minutes, when it appeared on the market. I also saw it on stage with the Pet Shop Boys a few years later. Greatness. I don’t know anyone else who managed to put 16 voices in an analog workstation. Ahead of its time, still.

    What I didn’t like was paging through sub-level programming to find the modulation destinations and filter modes. But then, it was amazingly flexible, and no instrument can do what it does without a little head scratching built into the front panel.

    What I loved was the polyphony count, the ribbon and the digital effects section, which make this instrument sound really cool and unique. Same for the Evolver. The A6 strikes me as being sonically somewhat like the Jupiter-8, which I own and love. Both technical marvels. A6, like the Jupiter, does not sound like a moog, but sits in a mix nicely with other instruments, and also holds its own by itself.

    I wonder about reliability, or who the heck would service this thing today. I think there were about 3000 of these made? Which is quite a few for an item like this, actually.

  5. The only time I ever saw one was at a music fair and it was broken, oh well, would loved to have heard it in the flesh…

  6. I bought one from eBay around 2006 for £750! I was the only bidder and had expected it to go for around £1300. My wife was not happy but I enjoy telling her how it’s now worth around 3-4 times what i paid for it. 🙂

  7. I bought one of these 4 years ago and I gig with it 5 times a month. Never been serviced works and sounds awesome!! The video is nice and I bet you have mad skills, but this synth goes insanely deeper than what you are doing here on this video and to dedicate the title as “The Alesis Andromeda A6” is doing the synth some serious injustice.

  8. Ok, I just realized its an exploration piece. and an interesting one at that a second listen through…………..still think you should change the title and wish I could see the moog pedal.

  9. I love that “underappreciated.” There are three on eBay right this minute from over $3000 to just under $4000 each. I’d hate to see fully appreciated. Surprisingly, the red one is going for less than the blue ones, even though Alesis only made 100 of them.

  10. I just recently got back into playing my keyboards. I’ve owned a lot of keyboards over the years but this year I took stock of what I had and bought a slightly used Roland Phantom X6 which I love and just bought a slightly used Andromeda. I’m NEVER selling the Andromeda. It’s so rare and sounds incredible. Best analog synth I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing.

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