Andy Meecham’s Monophonic Vol. 1 Is ‘A Synth Purists Dream’

Nang Records has released a full-length album by Andy Meecham (Emperor Machine) that showcases his love for vintage monophonic synthesizers.

On Monophonic Volume 1, each track has been crafted on a single classic synthesiser (and is named after it). The concept is designed to give each piece it’s own identity and sense of time and place.

Nang describes Monophonic Volume 1 as ‘synth purists dream’ – so if you like classic analog synths, you may want to check this out at the label site.


  • Korg MS10
  • Moog Prodigy
  • EMS VCS3
  • Roland SH101
  • Yamaha CS15
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • Oberheim Sem
  • Roland System 100
  • Roland SH7

via Gareth Sprey

8 thoughts on “Andy Meecham’s Monophonic Vol. 1 Is ‘A Synth Purists Dream’

  1. Benge did something similar with 20 Systems although that is more minimal. I like the System 100 tune on this, it sounds like early Human League.

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