Elektron Teases New Gear, ‘Tradition & Future’

Elektron has a new site, teasing new hardware combining ‘Tradition & Future’.

They haven’t revealed any details, other than the image above and the promise that it’s coming in 2012.

Here’s another view:

If you blow this up, you can clearly see CV A-D and other markings.

Got ideas on what Elektron is introducing? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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44 thoughts on “Elektron Teases New Gear, ‘Tradition & Future’

  1. I just got my first Elektron device, the Octatrack, a few days ago. I’m incredibly happy with it so far (and the $250 off from the back to school sale).

    I’m really excited to see what this is.

  2. I kind of analogic monomachine , with 4 analog voices, and ability to make huge bass.
    Could be perfect.
    Monomachine for little/idm/glitch/cold melodies, arp and similar ,drum machine for rythm patterns, octatrack for sample and loop manipulation, and this new for BASS, and analog chords and pads.

  3. It has 6 buttons for what looks like access to synth tracks similar to monomachine..and a keyboard layout..
    im hoping a new synth/sampler hybrid? mmmm..juicy..cant wait

  4. I imagine it will have only a few outputs and will be very expensive and boring .
    It has lots of switches when sliders and knobs are vital in sound editing.

  5. I don’t think just because it looks like an Octatrack, it’s related to Octatrack, I think that’s just their new aesthetic. Looks to be an analog synth with midi/cv capabilities. Apparently you can see a chorus button in there somewhere which leads me to believe it’s not a drum machine. Also, those vents have to mean it’s an actual synth, I can’t imagine you’d need vents just for just a sequencer circuit.

    1. what are vents? i hope you are right.

      my only fear is something mentioned way back “first in the new line of products” so i hope this is not only a sequencer for modular analogs…

      i love the fact it looks like octatrack. i like when my gear fits together like that.

        1. few months back there was a rumour from a third party talking about this (french site i think). was posted here aswell…
          some figured this new line is an ios app. glad that wrong.

  6. Maybe the vent is for a tube… More than likely, I unfortunately have to agree with the naysayers, it will probably be extremely expensive and not offer anything mind blowing. Be it a mono synth or what have you, I would still rather buy ten items of $200 or less than one $2000 item. I’m honestly not a fan of multipart synths though, I love one awesome voice rather than 6 of the same voice. A multitude of patches for some of the best multipart synths dont stand up to the character or fun as a multitude of single voice synths. Its cool if you want a super compact setup but Im old school; I like one knob/button per function, Im not into menus (no matter how intuitive the UI), and I like a vast, vast variety of character available…Funny enough though, I do like the RM1X and MPC’s a lot…but Im also the type where Id rather have an MPC1000 than an Octatrack, a Poly61 rather than a Monomachine, and Drumstation rather than a Machinedrum… Why? Vibe…something Elektron knows nothing about.

    Don’t take this as ‘this is a better product than that mudsling’ thing, I just dont give a crap about new gear…its ALL fuckin boring in my book. Some better percussion bits could be on the market for the crowd who buys reasonably priced gear and there could DEFINITELY be some better effects units that arent $4000 for something with 50 bucks in parts, but what is Elektron gonna release that grabs interest from a guy like me (I’m from the ghetto, bitches; no menus, just knobs and switches)? We’ll see, but I severely doubt anything when it comes to the age of 14 year olds with cell phones, gardeners driving BMW’s, and the all mighty DVR. People seem to forget, you cant reinvent the wheel so dont get upset at someone saying “The wheels I already have are awesome, the wheels that have been around are awesome, sooooo what’s ‘new’ or ‘exciting’ about the same wheel painted a different color?”.

    I dont care really what it is, lets get to what most of us give a damn about:
    Bets…over or under $2K?

      1. I made light of a few pieces of gear with menus I happen to like…its not an oxymoron, its a contradiction. By the way, thats hardly a tirade… It cracks me up how I get lambasted at times do to the fact that I comment in favor of better gear needing to be lower priced and people dont like it because its the all-mighty Elektron… My personal feelings of apathy toward most new gear aside, gear does need to be cheaper because it can be… Seriously, VST’s for hundreds of dollars, $50 iOS apps, and companies that charge top dollar for a spin on a technology thats been around for years. Get real, thumbs down all you want…I’m not gonna be a sucker but youre more than welcome to… The other point that cracks me up is I dont care about things that cost too much and deliver not enough yet PEOPLE WHO CANT AFFORD THE THINGS I COMMENT AGAINST ARE ALL FOR THIS EXPENSIVE BS!!!! Wake up!!!! I applaud Arturia, good job on Minibrute. Korg, great job with the Monotribe!!! But that cant go without saying… isnt it odd the Microkorg hasnt changed price in 10 years??? Thumbs down all you want, youre the people letting the companies rob you and water down technology with crap part sourcing, price point, and retarded marketing schemes.

        Meeblip, Shruthi-1, the Otto Biscuit…. Theres examples of companies working FOR you…Then you have things some companies (dont want to offend the touchy people with fat wallets) working AT you… Realize, some companies actually do care about you as a customer (or at least conduct as such). Some do care about putting in the most to a product for the price point to make sure you get the most out of your piece so you keep coming back. I’d be into Moog or Elektron as much as the next guy if there was really any value there but I just dont see it, flashy youtube videos, repacking bass pedals into rack gear and calling it a new product, taking people for a ride financially… Theres a reason so many people argue for hardware but just because people agree its more fun, in general, does that mean it has to be the expensive alternative to software? It’s that attitude shift in the ‘iOS Generation’. Software should be the inexpensive alternative to software.

        Remember when Animoog came out and everyone bashed the Arturia Moog plugins? I do…I remember the comparison video with everyone arguing back and forth…You ever think ‘Why is this even an argument?’. If the Animoog sounds just as good or close to hardware (as many peoples seemed to agree upon) then dont you think there is a problem there?

        I cant apologize for wanting better price structuring for everyone. I just so believe that software should be there to do things hardware may not be capable of, not do the EXACT. SAME. FUCKING. THING.

        Theres a tirade for you. Yes, I do get angry about companies that should be all for and all about music yet their business practices liken them more to fast food whether they intend so or not. If youre a couple guys designing some stuff and you simple cant find the investment to make your manufacturing costs reasonable then fine, sell your stuff to those who could afford to pay top dollar (kinda like Elby)

        …its much like buying a Lambo (top dollar for flash with mediocre performance) but, in keeping with the automotive analogy, if you want more fun from better performance at a better price point then I’d rather liken my synth purchases to buying a Mitsubishi Evo…It’ll smoke a lambo in stock form. $40K vs $250K…. As Im well known to praise, how come I have a Bass Station kb and I snicker when I compare it to, say, a Little Fatty. Sure, I get a plastic case and a DCO but (not saying the Moog wont) I cant still crank that filter around and tear off some roof all the same. The Minitaur is a decent idea, I hate to admit, but it could still offer much more…especially with things like the Mofo or the Minibrute on the market.

        Back when Elektron started did I have a Sidstation? Yes. Was it over priced? A little, but there wasnt many options if you wanted a SID based synth. When the Monomachine came out was I excited? A little I guess…Its cool, Its fun, but I ended up going Waldorf. This was a while ago…nowadays I can afford more of these things but after 20 some odd years of buying all this BS I look today and see most of the same crap still around at the same price point. After about 40 years of commercial synths do they cost more to make? Well sure they do…when people want iPhones and Mercedes like they do these days.

        Yes, this is a bit more of a tirade. I could make points for hours… But I can admit, I only write this so it doesnt go unsaid; no matter how much people dont give a crap. I’m passionate about music AND electronics. It baffles me why no one realizes theyre getting ripped off. If Elektron sold to say, Roland, do you think the price of a Machinedrum would be much different with a farther financial reach that Roland could offer. FUCK NO.

        Bring on the thumbs down, I dont make these points to be ‘liked’. I choose this commentary and dont support certain products for my fellow musicians, not against them. Try discussing a point instead of ramming a lance through a few words you dont care for. I’ve worked in the industry for a long time on the musician side and the manufacturing side. Ive built many boutique products and well and you’re run of the mill manufacturing. When going over cost, build time, product reach and so forth you know what make something boutique and high price more often than not? Greed, impatience, a calculator and a crackpipe.

        Many companies could take a lesson from Peter Kirn. That is the attitude i expect from a manufacturer. Not that any of us get that most of the time when we buy gear… But CDM or Mutable I find to be shining examples of those who work for and with you as a musician who is buying an instrument rather than desperate acts of used car dealers. (***cough****Guitar Center****cough***)

        Tirade Over.

        1. I think you have a problem of putting things in prospective: I mean in other people prospective!
          I guess I get what you’re saying, but ,as for all your analogies etc., my point is: not every aspect of a product is about performance vs price. Yes ascetics, design, functionality, innovation and so on, people are willing to pay for it.
          Elektron products are amazing and unique: I’m happy Elektron can make a profit and go on invent other products!! Everybody makes products for a profit.
          I have a job: I do work that people pay me for it!!
          I don’t get it man…. we’re not talking public health care!!
          Every body has priorities in their own lives: if you don’t like to waist money on a Lambo to go around, just get of a Fucking bus!
          If Elektron will use old technology i an old step seq. box I’ll buy it, because fits my way of having fun and been satisfied with a product that right now does not exist!
          Peter Kirn… oh yes of course: DIY is not for everybody.
          I care very little about playing Reaktor with a sponge or a lief of salad!
          So you see: that’s my prospective!

          1. Dude you have a poor understanding of music gear industry, and let me tell you something if you take so many lines to write such a long reply tou must live in a sad bitter world!

        2. Dude if you want gear made by slaves then Arturia has the minibrute. This is quality gear made by people working for living wages, not by modern slaves. Mutable is cheap because you make it yourself.

  7. Considering its under the banner of ‘tradition & future’ no one has actually mentioned (?) that its likely to be analog because of the CV, but also digital in some aspect, which is likely to be more than just the delay / verb etc.. So my guess is it will have a CV/midi converter built in for connectivity to modular set ups, and a combination of analog / digital synthesis on board. DCO’s with VCF’s? I can’t imagine them making a CV step sequencer.

    Whatever it is I’m always happy to see a new Elektron product.

  8. looks like a sequencer with onboard FX. i couldn’t care less them trying to go analog route since so many others are already on that field doing their part, but since it’s ELEKTRON, i can’t wait to see if they go for sequencing, since that is something they happen to do exceedingly well. Hardware sequencers are fun. The holy grail of hardware.

  9. Combination of a sequencer – maybe something like the Cirklon – with an analogue synth – mono or polyvoiced? probably poly which might make it pretty expensive…

    1. on reflection I think it will be a 2 oscillator monosynth. built in fx and a Cirklon like combined midi/cv sequencer. If you look really carefully there are buttons for OSC A and OSC B

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